Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reggae For It Now

This week I have been listening to the wonderful Trojan box set, Reggae Sisters, a compilation of 60s and 70s songs sung by women. There's something about women's voices and reggae that is irresistible. Take Lily Allen for example. No, please, take her.

The collection includes this song by my favourite 6ft, bald, one eyed female singer of all time.

Of course there's not a great song in the history of the world that hasn't been improved by a wacky English DJ talking shite over its beginning and end, and this video proves that.

My ideal job would be going through the TOTP archive with Betty, choosing performances, mimed or not, to put on a series of compilation DVDs. There'd be a little introduction to each song before it starts, no talking over and no words in the middle of the screen to ruin the video. Until then, we'll have to make do with hilarious Steve Wright and the Beeb's eclectic selection box of classics and mediocrity.


  1. Steve Wright must die.

  2. Why have one eyed people suddenly started grabbing the limelight?

    I used to like sleeve notes. They were something to read when you were too shy to talk to your boy/girlfriend.

  3. You should do it, with YouTube. Sod the legality...

  4. Istvanski - That's going too far. I'd be satisfied with a mute Wright.

    Kaz - Gordon Brown, Carla's boyfriend in Corrie (who seemed to have two glass eyes last night), Abu Hamza. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. Is the one eyed woman queen?

    Billy - I'd want to get paid for it. If Steve Wright can earn money for what he does...

  5. It'll be Cyclops topping the pops next.

  6. With...

    My Eye Adored You

    Spanish Eye

    Lyin' Eye

    Blue Eye

  7. Eye Without a Face

  8. Don't it make my brown eye blue?

    (from Betty)

  9. The Night Has Five Hundred Eyes ...

    ... er, instead of a thousand.

  10. You're just too good to be true
    Can't take my eye off of you

    *lets Betty off lightly just this once*

  11. Eye'll be seein' you
    In apple blossom time..

  12. Eye to eye...Contact!

  13. Wow RuPaul was hot back then?

    "Eye shot the sheriff,
    but I did not see the deputy"

  14. I have the Trojan X-rated set :) Billy rather likes that one too!

  15. HE - Eye shot? Lucky he had another one.

    Llewtrah - I was too shy to buy the X-rated one. Not too shy to buy the Ganja one, though. It's dope!

  16. Too shy shy
    Hush hush, eye to eye.