Saturday, November 03, 2007

Commercial Break

More and more bloggers are commenting on Betty's site, referring to her husband, "Geoff", as if I were an 'er indoors type of character and not an internationally renowned blogger in my own right.

That's alright, I can take it. We've both got the majority of our audiences in common and those of Betty's readers who can't see the worth in me...well, we know what they're missing, don't we?

Come on, humour me!

I've got a more needy ego than Betty, though. And my ego tells me to do more, maybe a podcast of my poems. Yes, what a prick!

Then I hear Roger McGough and his smug delivery and wonder whether I would sound even more smug, or even worse, sound like Mark Miwurdz. Penny for the guy, anyone?

So another blog it is, a poetry blog no less. I know it's not going to be popular but you'll be very welcome if you pop in from time to time. I'll attempt to post a poem a week and keep my poetry to that blog and my prose to this one.

Of course those of you who hate my poems will be relieved there'll be no more of them on here. Just pure and simple straightforward social commentary for serious minds.


  1. Nice poems Geoff, but you'll never be as good as Betty.

  2. You're Betty's husband?

    I thought you were her pet!

  3. Vicus - I've always thought so. Thank you for confirming it.

    MJ - I've always thought so. Thank you for confirming it.

  4. Oh blimey. I'd forgotten all about Mark Miwurdz. Did you ever come across John Bitumen?
    I'm slowly turning American. It's about 60/40% arse to ass these days.
    Which makes me think of dialect rhymes. D'you think Wordsworth has the best?

  5. Well Geoff - I'll put it on my favourites - though it probably won't be.

    That's it not you!

  6. Arabella - My research says John Bitumen was a Stanley Baxter character. I love Stanley Baxter but who came first? Vicus says "ass" and MJ says "arse". I think Vicus talks in a mid-Atlantic accent and MJ talks like a Mancunian. I have decided to read nothing but poetry for the next few years and Wordsworth will be on the list. Was he a Brummie?

    Kaz - Come with me on my journey. You won't regret it.

  7. I watch too much Corrie.

  8. It's impossible to watch too much Corrie.

  9. You're 'im indoors then? (Coughs, runs)