Friday, November 23, 2007

Music Is Life

Scene 1

The radio is locked on Heart. They are playing Is This Love? by Bob Marley.

GEOFF: The thing is with Heart, they don't play any reggae artists except for Bob Marley. Oh, and bloody UB40 of course.

WORK COLLEAGUE NO. 1: Is there anybody other than Bob Marley and UB40?

Scene 2

The Metro newpaper is open at a page which contains an interview with this bloke. He is pictured in close up. The headline says he had a famous dad.

WORK COLLEAGUE NO. 2: Oh, I thought that looked like him. That's Kenny Everett's son!

GEOFF: ??????????????

N.B. When we used to live in the flat, at around the time Novocaine For The Soul was out, Betty constructed a paper E with a moving mouth. We used to sing the song and move the mouth at the same time. E got left behind when we moved. We only moved two doors down and when we see the woman who now lives in our old flat we wonder whether she found E. And if she did, what she really thinks of us.


  1. You're wasted in that office Geoff. Take an AK47 in with you next week.
    I think Heart FM is Novocaine for the Soul.

  2. If the woman in your old flat found E, then she probably thinks of you and Betty in the same way that you think of your work colleague.
    Just guessing, mind.

  3. Murph - I'm never wasted in the office. It's a sackable offence! Heart have just played their first Christmas song of the year: Fairytale of New York. It could be a good year for Shane McGowan's royalties.

    Istvanski - She always rushes from her car to her front door when she sees us. I wonder why?

  4. She probably thinks:
    'Why doesn't Geoff like UB40?'

  5. I don't mind the early songs but all they seem to play is Red Red Bloody Wine.

  6. "Is there anybody other than Bob Marley and UB40?"

    Silly man. He forgot Musical Youth. And The Police.

  7. Actually I have heard Pass The Dutchie on there once or twice (when they do the "Guess the Year" competition).

    The Police are regulars but never any Scritti Politti. Which shows how shit the playlist is.

  8. And what of Pato Banton and Aswad? Such ignorance.

  9. I might have heard Big Mountain and Maxi Priest. It just gets better.

  10. I find E strangely attractive.

    An interview in Metro!! Gosh. They'll be playing Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor on Heart next.

  11. E's on BBC4 this week, in a programme about his father.

    BBC4 and The Metro don't really go together.

  12. A friend of mine from school looks exactly like E. And a friend of his looks like Beck.

    What was it about my school?

  13. An indie lookalike school? I bet the science teachers looked like DEVO.

  14. Geoff, you're either a zen master, or I'm a thick twat. Your post has left me dazed and in a state of utter thoughtlessness. Everyone else seems to be dealing with it ok, but take note, they are all picking up on isolated points, whereas I was trying to understand it as a whole. Shucks, I never learn.

  15. I don't think anything of mine makes sense as a whole. I'm still learning but I don't think I'll ever get there.