Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Album Of The Decade: The Noughties

With news that Lord James Blount's Back To Bedroom is the UK's biggest selling album of the decade, where do I start?

Not with rock, that's for sure. The Strokes and Kings Of Leon tried to keep the rock wagon rolling but one of its wheels fell off long before the turn of the century.

Dance music, grime, dubstep and pop told the real story of the noughties. Vitalic, Dizzee Rascal, Burial and Ladyhawke. Just a few names to drop from a varied decade of artists. The decade of the individual in pop music. The band was dead.

And there was no greater individual than Felix da Housecat, whose Kittenz and Thee Glitz is my album of the past ten years.

Felix has been making house music since the 80s but this decade saw him really mix things up and cross over to a massive audience. Well, he should have but still remains somewhat obscure.

One wonders what is to come in the next decade. Will we see a new youth movement, or will pensioners spend their disposable income on Roland TR-808s and mash things up for the gilted generation? Who is to say?


  1. I heard this today when I was just in Timberland.

  2. Didn't the makers of Felix catfood try and see Felix da Housecat?

  3. Erm, that's "sue", obviously.

  4. Yes Geoff.
    But what to you listen to while your having your dinner?

  5. Rog - You're bringing sexy back.

    Billy - How daft can you get? Did the cartoon character Felix sue the catfood makers?

    Kaz - Jethro Tull when we're having a rustic stew. Otherwise, Blondie's Eat To The Beat.

  6. Definitely the album title of the decade.