Saturday, December 12, 2009


"We're the only ones who tolerate Lionel. He's such a miserable, horrible man, hasn't got a good word to say about anybody. He pops up on our doorstep at the most inconvenient times. You ask him if he wants a coffee or tea and he says yes please and a sandwich would go down nicely.

Everybody's sent him to Coventry at the bowls club, except for us. It's the same with the dancing club. So when we had our club's Christmas dinner on Wednesday him and Jean were on the same table as us. He treats Jean like shit, always ordering her about to do things. She does everything for him, he's like a big baby who can't do anything for himself.

So we had our meal. Soup with a bread roll and butter, turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas pudding, mince pies, cheese and biscuits. Then they brought some bowls of Roses chocolates round.

Well Maureen offered our Roses to the next table. Their bowl was empty and she thought they hadn't been given any. They had but they'd eaten them all. So they took a couple and handed then back to us.

And you know what Lionel did? He snatched them out of Maureen's hand and said the chocolates were for our table and our table alone and he was going to keep them safe. He held onto them, out of the reach of everybody. He was so angry that Maureen had passed them onto the other table.

So I wasn't having this. I thought I'd make a joke of it and pretended to go for the chocolates. And you know what Lionel did?

He grabbed my hand and squeezed with all his strength. He was furious. He was squeezing so hard I thought he was going to break my thumb. He's a big man.

So that's it. That was like a red rag to a bull. We're not going to socialise with Lionel any more. He's cooked his goose. If he tries to sit on the same table as us in future we're just going to move. And if he turns up at our door we're not going to answer it. He can stick his sandwiches."


  1. I feel sorry for that Jean.

  2. Put this doormat out front.

  3. Rog - If he can be violent to friends in public, just imagine what he's like at home.

    MJ - Nice one. Problem is if we put it out front the neighbours' cat would shit on it.

  4. So Lionel's cooked his goose.
    I hope it was with all the trimmings?

  5. Happy Birthday Geoff!!!!!!!

  6. Kaz - I can't see Lionel slaving away in the kitchen. He'll be shouting out instructions to Jean.

    Rog - Thank you. It's good to be at home for a change.

  7. Happy birthday to my oldest reader (not oldest as in age, you understand).

  8. Thank you. I feel like your oldest reader today. Even older than Knudsen.

  9. As long as you haven't reached the false-teeth-floating-in-a-glass-of-water stage like Vicus.

  10. It won't be long.