Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Do Not Buy This Book

After all these years of blogging I've decided it's time to keep a hard copy of my best stuff to date in the form of a book. Something to show to somebody else's grandkids as I'm dressed like Clive Dunn.

So I've done a little 30 pager, just enough to use as a shin pad.

The price shown on the home page isn't inclusive of postage which is a rather expensive addition. This is just an offer for friends and family people who don't personally know me and I'm expecting a very small take up. So please don't disappoint me by ordering a copy.

I mean, why pay for something you can get for free online?

Bollocks idea, really.


  1. Geoffroi, I wants one.

  2. Good for you Geoff. It looks fabulous.
    But I'm wondering about Meryl.

  3. Well, I missed the early stuff... and I already have a Blurb a/c...

  4. Thank you all. I am currently in my sick bed with norovirus and associated illnesses brought upon by publicly broadcasting the cover of the book showing an ill man. This is what is known as karma, the result of a vain act.

  5. You're not Vain Geoff!

    You are merely regurgitating your pre-digested material.

    You'll feel much better tomorrow, you mark my words.

    Norovirus is a bastard and appears on every handle on every train and in every restaurant. It somehow reminds me of Julian Clarey's take on heterosexual sex...." I don't know much about it but I believe a Harvester is involved".

  6. I want an autographed copy but I don't want you touching it and passing on your germs.

    Could we discuss this when you're well?

    I'll supply the surgical mask and gloves.

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  8. Rog - Someone I know was described as a norovirus this week. Not nice.

    MJ - You'll have to come to my book signing at Burger King, Bexleyheath.

  9. Geoff, I've just ordered a copy (having seen one at Patroclus') but there seems to be no mechanism for charging the appropriate rate for postage to Europe and I fear you may be out of pocket. Could you please e-mail me at ccampbellhowes@gmail.com
    to sort out how to make up the difference?

  10. Cheers, Christopher. Have emailed you. The postage is probably cheaper to France as the book comes from Switzerland!