Sunday, October 21, 2007

Manchester's Marvellous Musical Menagerie

Contrary to popular opinion, it wasn't just Morrissey who persuaded us to become vegetarians in the 80s. The most vocal vegetarian in pop music when I stopped eating meat was Kid Creole. He loved to lick out a coconut or two and wasn't shy about it.

Recently I have been re-evaluating our Smiths albums, as Stuart Maconie had made the staggering revelation that The Smiths were the best ever Manchester band. During Meat Is Murder, just before our chicken curry, I asked Betty if she agreed.

Of course not. We agreed on Joy Division as number one. But who was second?

Of course it had to be The Smiths.

That's if you discount, in no particular order,

The Fall

And Buzzcocks

And Magazine

And A Certain Ratio

And Durutti Column

And 10cc

And New Order

And 808 State

And The Stone Roses

And Happy Mondays

And Blue Orchids

Which makes The Smiths the 13th best band to come out of Manchester. Which proves that the number 13 is not necessarily unlucky.


  1. But who is worst Manchester band? I'd have to plump for Simply Red myself.

  2. My problem is not knowing where bands come from. Me, I just listen to the music. I only found out where Joy Division and A Certain Ratio were from through watching 24 Hour Party People.

  3. Wot, no Drones?
    Simply Red, absolutely. As Wilson/God so rightly points out in 24HPP (as us hipsters refer to it)- his music's rubbish and he's a ginger.

  4. Obviously you're wrong.

  5. The best Manchester band ever is Elbow.

  6. You don´t like Oasis do you?

    I agree about Joy Division....oh and Freddie and the Dreamers.

  7. I can't decide on the band issue, but congratulations on that brilliant first paragraph.

  8. One over-enthusiastic vote for 10cc!
    I am astounded by that impressive list.

    I suspect that there wouldn't have been so many great bands coming out of Manchester if there were other forms of entertainment available..
    like Football?

  9. Billy - It has to be Simply Red. I work with someone who has the worst musical taste of anybody in history. She loves Simply Mick.

    Llewtrah - When I'm not sure I ask Betty. She is the fountain of all pop knowledge.

    Anthony - Just heard The Drones, for the first time, on their myspace. I prefer Buzzcocks.

    Beth - For some reason I thought Elbow were from outside Greater Manchester. Oh well, that knocks The Smiths down to number 14.

    Kaz - Oasis are better than Freddie and the Dreamers. Not as sexy, though.

    Istvanski - Thank you. It's probably the rudest thing I've ever written. I'm blushing just thinking about it.

    HE - 10cc would not be in many music lovers' lists. But we know better.

  10. Wot, no Crispy Ambulance?

    Worst Manc band: Northside.

  11. I've never heard either.

    Manchester is such a melting pot.