Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Willy Russell

This is Willy Russell in The South Bank Show about the Liverpool poets. Once we've finished watching it I'll write a post about it. Willy Russell is currently modelling himself on Noel Edmonds. Why, I have no idea.

Willy is described as a "Playwright and Musician". If you look closely at my very dark picture you will see an acoustic guitar propped against the wall behind Willy.

Most writers are filmed in front of bookcases filled with books. Or computers. To prove that they don't sit on their arses all day doing nothing. They read and they write.

Willy's guitar proves he is a musician.

And look, here's his CD!

Well done, Willy!


  1. There's a touch of Peter Hook in there too.Only he's not wearing his bass around his knees.

  2. A Liverpudlian Noel Edmonds! Frightening!
    "Dole or No Dole", anyone?

  3. Ha ha Murph.
    Willy Russell - renaissance man? No.

  4. I have a nice bookcase full of books. But no-one wants to film me in front of it ;)

  5. Anthony - There is. But you wouldn't see Hooky playing heartfelt acoustic guitar, taking himself too seriously.

    Murph - Cheeky!

    Kaz - If Shakespeare were alive today he'd be writing for EastEnders and playing heartfelt songs with his acoustic guitar.

    Llewtrah - Our bookcase would need a damn good tidy before filmimg.

  6. I'd like to be filmed in the bath. Fully clothed of course, I'm not a pervert.

  7. Of course Willy Russell is A Musician. He is A Scouser. They are all A Musicians, just like they are all A Comedians.

    It's the dandelion and burdock, innit?

  8. Billy - I'd like to be interviewed in bed with a stinking cold.

    Tim - Dandelion and burdock delivered with their milk. Bearded scouse playwrights tend to get the most sentimental.

  9. Well, look on the bright side Geoff; at least there's a chance his guitar playing will delay him making any more films about the great composers.

    Oh, and he was shit on Celebrity Big Brother as well. Too old? My Arse. Charlie Chaplin was well into his 90s when he fathered his last child. He couldn't pick it up, mind you...


    p.s. What's up with the Hammers?

  10. Yes, it's been ages since a Hammers post.

  11. Bob - He has trouble with the arpeggios nowadays. What's up with the Hammers? They're all pretending to be injured as they've got a lovely new masseur.

    MJ - They're not really getting me excited at the moment. If you want a post on mediocrity...