Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday Glastonbury 2008

Betty: Is there something wrong with me? I can't understand why people like her.

Geoff: I can understand why people like her. I can't understand why intelligent people like her.

Betty: It's like, if you were in a bar where she was performing, you'd carry on your conversation.

Geoff: She's the new Sade. Coffee table music.

Betty: It's like the 80s all over again. When pop music was very polished, accomplished and boring. I hate pop music now.

Geoff: I bet this is going to go on for the full hour. They're not going to show any Elbow or Hot Chip. It's the BBC trying to outdo ITV. If she hadn't been on that Nelson Mandela thing we wouldn't get a full hour of this...Well, actually we probably would. Because everybody's supposed to think she's some sort of genius.

Betty: I'd prefer James Blunt to this. At least you can laugh at him. He's a Tim Nice But Dim figure to me. This is just depressing.

Geoff: It's a choice between this...Joan Armatrading...The Wombats...Sod it, we're watching The Wire.

Betty: "When you walk through the garden..."

Geoff: "You gotta watch your back..."

Betty: "Well I beg your pardon..."

Geoff: "Walk the straight and narrow track..."

Betty: "If you walk with Jesus..."

Geoff: "He's gonna save your soul..."

Betty: "You gotta keep the devil..."

Geoff: "Way down in the hole..."

Betty: "He's got the fire and the fury..." nauseum...


  1. So Betty IS back.

    We feared you left her behind in the cottage listening to shit radio.

    Must go. Euro Cup starting soon.

  2. That's a relief - thought it was just me. Managed to miss Elbow and honestly couldn't find anything else that interested me.

    BBC's big fuss this afternoon was Neil Diamond. NEIL DIAMOND fercrissakes!

    Winehouse is a polished-up retro pub act. Throw all her CDs in the bin and listen to Dusty or Aretha.

  3. MJ - It's worse than that. I'm forcing her to listen to Rush's Greatest Hits. Half time, Spain on top, one-nil. Still Germany to win, I suppose.

    Malc - I can't be bothered with today's rubbish. Jack Penate? Neil Diamond is followed by The Neil Diamond Tribute Act, otherwise known as The Verve. The 60s had Dusty. The noughties have bleedin' Duffy.

  4. Makes you yearn for the days when Des'ree would win the best female Brit because of a lack of options.

  5. geoff, geoff, it's ok - you don't HAVE to bother with it.

    There is plently of music out there that you like. There will always BE plenty of music out there that you like.

    ...although, we put Glastonbury on on Friday and every option seemed to be The Fratellis - I wasn't quite as sanguine about it then I can tell you.

    We've got hours of it recorded now, but if Elbow are not going to be anywhere on there, there's not much point in wasting time fast forwarding through it....

    Where are you up to with 'The Wire' now?

  6. I'm glad it was Malc said that about Dusty and Aretha.
    Made me feel better.

  7. Tim - I'd rather have a lack of options than be saturated with crappy Brit School artists.

    Beth - Elbow are in there somewhere. Can you pause on Rufus Hound and kill him for me, please? we've just finished season 4 of The Wire. "Got that Pandemic!"

    Kaz - It's like comparing Vinnie Jones with Bobby Moore. It's not just that they're in different leagues. They're playing a different game.

  8. We saw Amy Wino on cable, but we were getting pissed on wine which helped!

  9. Keith Richards likes her. Maybe you have to be completely out of it to appreciate her. The wine we were drinking couldn't have been strong enough.

  10. I've always been amazed at the intelligentsia's taste in the arts.

    They tend to get suckered into all sorts of tripe, poor souls.

  11. Backtracking just a little. . . I've watched quite a bit of the BBC stuff and was I entertained? Well, yes, but maybe that's because I was seeing bands in the way that suits them best - small doses.

  12. Istvanski - They don't get it, do they?

    Malc - An hour of Winehouse was taking the piss.

  13. Just be thankful you could switch her off. I was stuck in a field with friends who wanted to see her, and no escape. I either wanted to be converted or witness a car crash disaster, but got neither. The "introducing the band" section was like Japanese water torture.

    Although her entire performance pales into insignficance compared to the agony of being trapped in a people jam during Newton Faulkner's stet. I had to endure his solo acoustic cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, which think may well be the worst thing I have ever heard.

  14. I only wish they'd broadcast more of the decent stuff. There was plenty there.