Sunday, September 06, 2009

Antisocial Basterds

You've probably guessed by now that the scenes described in the last couple of posts on this blog didn't really happen. Real-life events are so unreal at the moment that the only way I can conceive of responding to them is to write fiction. So please bear with me as I go completely mad.

I've got a two week break coming up and will be taking another "staycation". I have the following activities penciled in. Will we enjoy ourselves or are there other things we could be doing or seeing within an hour or so's train ride of London?

1. Oxford
2. London Zoo
3. Inglourious Basterds
4. Little Venice Circular Walk

These are all daytime activities, of course. Evenings are for sitting in front of the telly, drinking ourselves into oblivion. Antisocial basterds that we are.


  1. Excellent, enjoy yourself!

    I have visited the London Zoo and have seen Inglorious Basterds..
    remarkably layered for a Tarantino film.

    "And the prison priests are decent
    My attorney seems sincere
    I fear my days are numbered
    Lord get me out of here
    All's well
    But I have not been to Oxford Town

  2. Well I've just switched on the telly, but it isn't cocktail hour until seven. Ho hum!

  3. Why did they spell Bastards 'Basterds' like that?

    I would have spelled it BasTURDS if I were going to make a change in the spelling at all.

  4. Donn - You've come all the way from over there and been to London Zoo yet I've never been! I've been to Berlin, Prague, Antwerp and Barcelona but not London!

    St Jude - Welcome. I'm just settling down with a cider aperatif.

    MJ - Something to do with Disney: they've got the copyright on "Basturds".

  5. Eltham Palace is pretty cool, if you catch it on a day when it's open.

    But I'm fairly sure you're going to be spending the free time finalising the divorce, as I believe you just used the word staycation.

  6. We're in Linolnshire eating rump and sirloin every night.

    Yes, we're steakationers.

  7. How on earth should I know?
    I can't afford the fare to Oxford or London - that's why I go to Spain.

  8. Boz - We did Eltham Palace about ten years ago. The only thing I'd recommend in this part of South East London. Betty loves me using the word staycation. We're going to renew our vows at the local registry office as part of this one.

    Roger - That's it! You've had your chips!

    Kaz - I was looking at getting the train to Whitby. But I couldn't afford the mortgage.

  9. London Zoo wins everytime.