Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue Birds

A short interjection in amongst all my lovely fictional posts. Otherwise you'll forget who I am!

My long affair with the British public house is finally over. Saturday night was several beers and one violent stare too many. I had to concentrate on my friend's face in order to avoid eye contact with a drunk man with an evil look. And I swore I'd never drink in the same pub as my dad ever again!

As for the beer, I felt sick all Sunday and all I could manage that evening was a soothing gin and orange. Wine? Oh yes, wine too. But the rush I used to get from beer just isn't there any more. It's been replaced by nausea.

In other news, my mum's friend's over from Canada, mainly to see Vera Lynn in concert. At 92, I doubt Vera will be up to much singing. But I'm sure it will be an emotional afternoon and a jolly good sing-song, though the audience will mainly be the sons and daughters of Vera's Wartime fans.

Vera's chart comeback makes me wonder who was the Vera Lynn of our War, The Falklands.

Clare Grogan, perhaps?


  1. You mean you still have a pub to go to?

    Debbie Harry.

  2. I think the days of the British pub are dead. It's only the students who spend their money there in Manchester.
    I had an aged lab technician a few years ago who said that it was Betty Driver they all loved during the war - not Vera Lynn.

  3. St Jude - Just the one but not on Thursdays because that's karaoke night. Did Debbie entertain our boys and girls? I suppose she did!

    Vicus - Cilla went over the top on Goose Green. Poor Hughie.

    Chimesey - Now that's more like it.

    Kaz - The Wetherspoons have no atmosphere, the village pubs are dead or gone and the town pubs are horrible and play shite music. I think I'll do a Gary Bushell and turn my living room into a boozer, dust down all those Oi singles for the jukebox, nut the lampshades. My vote would go to the lovely Betty, too. Vera's too much like Royalty.

  4. I'm afraid to leave a comment since my Peter Crouch faux pas.

  5. The Vera of the Falklands was St Clifford of Richard. I had to watch some of the Piers Moron meets Sir Cliff on his Island to see which one of them was the biggest weirdo. Dead heat.

  6. The Vera of the Falklands was a job share between the two girls in Tight Fit. The bloke in the middle was Douglas Bader.

  7. Sheena Easton


  8. MJ - Ha! There's only one Crouchy!

    Rog - Onward Christian Soldiers!

    Tim - A wimoweh, a wimoweh, a wimoweh, a wimoweh.

    Ziggi - War isn't 9 to 5, you know!

  9. Say hello, then wave goodbye.

    What a war song!