Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The 2nd Heimat Part 167 of 168

Revolutionary free love hippy twats take over filming the film within a film. The director is offered some money from Hollywood moguls to delay filming for two weeks whilst the French leading man finishes the film he was previously working on. The director says 'thank you very much', takes the money and runs away with the equipment, leaving the hippies with no audience.

Meanwhile, musical genius Hermann Simon leaves his short, dark-haired wife for a tall blonde woman who is one of the revolutionary free love hippy twats. Trouble is, he wants her for himself and although he is quite happy to relieve himself in a bathroom with no door, he cannot handle the free love element of his relationship: two German Jim Morrisons rubbing themselves up against him as he attempts to make sweet love to his lady. This wipes the smarmy smile off his face and he leaves Berlin and returns to Munich and the bosom of his family. His smarmy smile returns.

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