Sunday, September 11, 2005

The 2nd Heimat - Part 168 of 168

We've done it! After 73 years of non-stop telly-goggling, we've made it to the end of the second series. And I feel sad. I'm going to miss these guys. It's like when you read a good long book and you want it to end but you don't want it to end. And when it's ended you pick up another book which turns out to be a pile of poo. But we've got the third and final Heimat to look forward to, so I don't feel too bereft.

Part 168 is loopy. It is 1970. A bemused 30 year old Hermann Simon goes on a train journey in search of the love of his life, complicated cellist/singer Clarissa Lichtblau. On the way, we meet his old friends in the unlikeliest of places. One performs erotic cabaret to businessmen, one performs acrobatics in a circus, one has joined the Bader-Meinhof gang, one dies an alcoholic. It makes me feel glad I'm not one of the arty set.

Hermann finally tracks down Clarissa in Amsterdam. She is singing in a show about witches. Her American friend/girlfriend? plays trombone in the show. And the show seems to take up half of the programme so I'm quite glad I'm half-pissed and time is not an issue.

Do they make sweet love? Of course they do. The nearest they'd got before was on Clarissa's stairs 8 years previously when Hermann ran off sniffing with her knickers after a fumble on the stairs of her apartment building.

Of course we don't see them in the act. But the aftermath shows them laid out naked on the floor of Clarissa's Amsterdam hotel room, Hermann pointing his feminine arse to the camera and Clarissa showing a complete lack of armpit hair.

Of course, Hermann can't handle too much love and he fucks off to Mummy and the Hunsruck.

The End.

God, I hate these people. But I'll miss them so much.


  1. Lack of armpit hair. German lady. Doesn't sound very realistic, frankly.

  2. It was profuse earlier in the series. Then she went to America on tour.