Sunday, September 11, 2005

Arena - My Way

I suppose I've done things my way. Although, may I say, mostly in a shy way. So you won't get me singing Paul Anka's words in your local karaoke pub. In fact you won't get me performing anything because I'm too scared of taking the blows.

The tune to 'My Way' originally had different words. But they were in French and sung by Claude Francois, who we see being introduced by the great Vince Hill.

Of course, not understanding French, Paul Anka thought the lyrics were a load of old shit. And messing around with the tune one day, thinking of Frank Sinatra, he came up with the most egocentric song in human history. Even Henry the fucking Eighth wrote about love.

Frank's, of course, is seen as the definitive version. The great Welsh rugby player Barry John chooses it as his first Desert Island Disc. So that's final, then.

But Elvis Presley, Shirley Bassey, Vera Lynn, Dorothy Squires, and probably Don Estelle could lay claim to it being their song. Because everybody in show business has sung it at some time. But the words were for Frank and Frank is the best and if anybody disagrees wiv me I'll break yer legs.

Actually, the best thing about the song, and the best thing on the programme, is Sid Vicious' two fingers to the world, just after shooting his audience. Now that's what I call classic.

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