Thursday, September 08, 2005

Arena - The Journey

England are losing. Good.

BBC's Arena is 700 years old this week. And BBC4 have dug out some classic shows.

This one involves a 1978 pre-eye-patch Roger sorry George Melly going to the Hayward Gallery to see an exhibition called 'Dada - an exhibition of Surrealist Art'. The programme ends when George reaches the gallery. On the way, we get to meet lots of his mates but never hear them speak.

I hate hearing the word 'surreal'. Everybody says it nowadays, even footballers. 'It hit the bar and bounced straight into the keeper's arms - it was surreal'. No, surreal would be if the pitch was dive bombed by a load of bowler-hatted 1950's office workers. Or Mr Benns.

So, the journey was the thing. And this is what I learnt:-

'Dada' means something in every language in the world.
In 1978, punk/new wave band The Stranglers were seen by George Melly as surrealist.

And these were the people I recognised:-

George Melly
Alan Yentob
The Stranglers
Molly Parkin

I once met Molly Parkin on a night school scriptwriting course, which was surreal.

I once saw George Melly on Diss railway station when I was on the way to a scriptwriting course, which was surreal.

I never completed a script which was surreal.


  1. I've got a feeling I'm going to like this blog.

    Where will the Geoff brand expand to next?

    My word verification word is favemex. My favemex was Garibaldi. Or was he Italian?

  2. Thanks, Wyndham.

    I'll try not to get my tenses too mixed up on the next post.

    Dweqrua. I think it really is a town in Malta.

  3. It's a cocktail. Vodka, martini, bananas, ketchup and potato peelings.

  4. George Melly once brought me a drink in The Oriental in Brighton.

  5. I'm jealous. Nobody famous ever bought me a drink.