Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Excuse me, second homers. I'm trying to sleep on this train

We're off to the South of France next week. Just 5 days away. Easyjet flight down to Nice airport. We've got our own place there. It's beautiful. So peaceful. We were there at Easter.

Lovely part of the world.

We're just 25 minutes from Nice airport.

That's good, isn't it?

Never any trouble with Easyjet. Straight through. Couldn't say the same about British Airways, though. Wrong terminal with BA. Easyjet, just straight through, 25 minute drive from Nice airport to our place.

My parents are at the foot of the Pyrenees. Lovely situation, overlooked by the mountains. They're country people. They like the country. More so than the beach.

Never any trouble with Easyjet. Straight through. Just a 25 minute drive from Nice airport and we're in a different world completely. We're renting it out this year. Not strictly renting. More lending it to friends and family. We're not looking for an income from it, just enough to keep it ticking over.

We've got a little place down on the coast - Broadstairs. We had a lovely week at Easter. The kids loved it. Superb weather. It was a real English seaside break.

I like Broadstairs.

Broadstairs is nice.

Oh, here we are. Waterloo East.

This is me. Great to see you again.

Yes, you too. Take care now.

And you, old man.


  1. Thank you for allowing me, albeit vicariously, to share the dross that infiltrates your life.

  2. Glad to be of service, Vicus. The joys of commuting are manifold.

  3. is that 25 minutes from Nice airport from the time you land, or 25 minutes after you've been faffing around in the airport for an hour or so?

  4. I'm intrigued to know how you managed to restrain yourself from killing them?

  5. Can you get Corrie in Nice?

  6. Bob - I think it's off the plane, straight through Customs, no luggage as he's off to his 2nd home, straight in the car and at the front door all within 25 minutes. Good old Easyjet.

    Murph - If they were regulars on my train I would have done by now. The regulars are usually nice and quiet.

    Kaz - Yes. Whereas Cannes has the film festival, Nice is round the clock soap watching.

  7. What? You've got your own place - at Nice Airport? Novel. Do you set out your simnel cake on the baggage carousel and have it Yo Sushi conveyor style?

  8. Were your fellow commuters actually old? Do young men in England (well young enough to still have parents and talk about kids) actually say 'lovely' that much? How charming! Really, I'm in Canada, and we do tend to be polite 'n' all, but still - one would never overhear such delicate banter. (but I imagine the charm would last about 2 seconds?)

  9. Three cheers for Stelios.

  10. Romo - Now you're blurring fantasy with reality. I have never been to Nice. If I did I would stay in the city, not the airport. I think.

    Mrs G - They were pretty young and nicely brought up. They got on at the one stop on our line where the nice middle class people live.

    Istvanski - He's my hero!

  11. I have trouble finding things in one home; having two must be such hard work.
    I've often wondered about 'Nice' biscuits - is it "Nice" or "Neece"?

  12. I would think "double the homes, double the worry."

    It has to be "Neece". Imagine going round to your aunt's and her asking if you'd like a "Nice" biscuit. You'd be so disappointed when she produced one of those things.

  13. Disappointing, but dunkable.