Friday, May 11, 2007

Rock Gods Go Shopping

Rob Tyner and Fred "Sonic" Smith are in Asda, Heaven branch.

SMITH: I quite fancy getting some strawberry and some raspberry.

TYNER: Fine, Fred. I like both those.

SMITH: Then again. I do like blackcurrant. Maybe one strawberry one and a blackcurrant one.

TYNER: Whatever, Fred. I ain't that much of a raspberry lover, anyway.

SMITH: Or apricot. What about an apricot one and a blackcurrant one?

TYNER: I thought you wanted strawberry!

SMITH: Can we have three, Rob?

TYNER: Fuck man! Do what you fuckin' like! Just do what you fuckin' like, man! Just pick out the jams, motherfucker!


  1. The Dave Clark Five were mad, weren't they?

  2. Boo! Boooo!

    Men and puns...

  3. Murph - But they were the best m*therf*ckin' rock 'n' roll band to come outta Tottenham!

    Annie -'s what makes us so adorable.

  4. Adorable or not - I must complain on behalf of marmalade which has been shamefully neglected here .

    Oh and I hear that Patti Smith is appearing this week in *Ulverston*.

    I find that so sad.

  5. Marmalade's not as "rock" as jam.

    I'm sure they'l appreciate Patti's version of Everybody Wants To Rule The World in Ulverston.

  6. Best joke I've heard in ages, mate - but then again I don't get out much these days.

    Here's "Looking At You" Geoff.

  7. I'm losing my touch. Right up until the punchline I was wondering how you were going to get a pun about yogurt into a joke about the MC5.

    Man, that's great hair, isn't it? Although The Dictators' was even better.

  8. Istvanski - Cheers.

    Tim - That's where Mark Knopfler went wrong.

  9. Weirdly I was just thinking about the MC5. Nice one...

  10. Geoff, Mark Knopfler went wrong in so many ways. The bad hair is way down the list.

  11. Start of a whole new series of bands going shopping?

  12. Billy - It's time for a revival. MC5 t-shirts would be more entertaining than those Ramones ones.

    Tim - I saw him teaching a few of his licks to Bill Oddie the other night. Strange.

    Llewtrah - Don't give me ideas - it'll only end in even worse puns.

  13. Geoff, are you expecting us to believe that Mark Knopfler was licking a small bearded tit?
    You're getting acid flashbacks man.
    (or he'll be in dire straits... fnaarrr!)

  14. Of course the tit was still rubbish at playing the guitar.

    But he had the stage presence to pull it off, apparently.