Monday, May 21, 2007

Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner

When I was a nipper,
We went to see the clipper.
Now I've burnt her bits off,
Cos she bored me fuckin' tits off.


  1. But he has plenty of spare matches.

  2. Vicus - I'm going straight to Hell.

    Istvanski - And lots of vintage tea.

  3. The ship takes up a lot of room in a decent sized traffic-free space that could be made beautiful. Maybe a sculpture park? A sculpture park with a nautical theme, even.

  4. I don't know much about it - but I like a bloke who doesn't seek popularity.

  5. Now you are a bloke
    The thing's gone up in smoke
    My gay friends tell me with a bark
    There's been arson at the Sark

    EJ Murph aged 13 3/4

  6. Kaz - It's all over the local news like a rash. Prince Philip visited it today, but only because Liz was in Greenwich to open the new Planetarium. Public donations are flooding in and the old lady will be OK with all that public money. So will the Cutty Sark.

    Murph -

    I've heard that when she's tickety boo
    They'll let you dogs on two by two
    And you can tell us with a bark
    "We name this vessel Cutty's Ark"

  7. It was sad to see. She is a great attraction when intact.