Tuesday, May 01, 2007

From The Heart

Toby Anstis, my old friend at Heart 106.2, has just found out that "LOL" doesn't mean "Lots of Love". It means "Laugh out loud".

Actually, although I'm LOLing at his naivety, I also originally interpreted it in the very same way the first few times I saw it on my computer screen. It took me some time to work it out, I just thought people were being extra friendly due to an excess of Ecstasy tablets or something.

It disappointed me that crude, cynical humour rather than beautiful, spiritual love was being spread over our brave new technological world.

Surely there should be a "lots of love" type sign-off for non-misanthropes like me and Toby?


  1. Bugger. I thought it meant "Lesbians on Leopardskin". Just off to write an apologetic note to Fern Britton.

  2. Why is Toby always pointing at his nose?

    Ahhh yes!

  3. I'm lolling here LOLing. It can also mean "lots of laughs"

  4. ROTFLMAO, as I believe the kids say.

    Toby is looking very well-preserved - clearly he has signed a pact with the devil and has a portrait ageing up in his attic.

  5. Vicus - Don't apologise to Fern for anything. Not until she apologises to us.

    Murph - Do you reckon he was at the Kate Moss gig last night?

    Llewtrah - Or "lack of laughter" when it comes to some of my posts.

    Annie - I think Toby did play Dorian Gray in the Heart Christmas panto.

  6. That's it! Kaz has shown that if you wish to send a message bearing "Lots Of Love" via e-mail, you should put a few kisses at the end of the message.
    Why didn't anyone think of that before?

  7. Let's all give Geoff a group hug.

  8. Toby Anstis's cat once shagged my cat - fact.