Monday, July 02, 2007

Concert For Diana

Much misunderstood, Diana. Growing up, her world was not one of Elton John, Rod Stewart, Duran Duran et al. Her musical scene was the grimier, sticky-floored world of pub rock. Doctor Feelgood were her pre-Charles favourites.

Fag in one hand, pint of snakebite in the other, the smell of sweat, beer and piss, Wilko Johnson coming at her like a 4 year old on amphetamines, his wild movement constrained by a six foot length of elastic.

The Half Moon, Putney would have been a fitting venue for a fitting pub rock tribute to the young life-loving Spencer girl.

It was corporate, soulless Wembley Stadium and James Morrison for the anaethetised wife and mother, the blandly compassionate regal superwoman.

If only they'd gone with her heart. Her heart was in dirty, sweaty rock and roll played by hard working, hard drinking Essex bits of rough.

Where were the Kursaal Flyers yesterday?

Where, indeed.


  1. Brilliant Geoff. You hit the nail on the head with this post.

  2. Yes, exactly! If only Knopfler and the boys from Dire Straits had reformed for the event!!!

    (I went to see Wilco Johnson once )

  3. Well, the Quo were there to fulfil the pub rock remit. I saw that Rick Parfitt at a trade show once. Unless it was the other one. I actually don't know which one is which.

    I used to work with someone who was obsessed with Wilco - to the point of going to his every gig. I believe they may have been on nodding terms after about 500 such occasions.

    Last night's event was more of an occasion for nodding off.

  4. Istvanski - She was a right raver in her young days.

    Murph - Diana would have wanted the original Straits with David on rhythm. I saw Wilco with the Blockheads. Yes, double pub rock.

    Bob - I missed the Quo. Did the princes do the Quo dance? They've got natural rhythm, haven't they?

    "You're in the army now. Woooaaaohhh you're in the army now."

  5. Further little known fact: Diana was along for the ride when Brinsley Schwarz made their disastrous attempt to break America. Shagged the lot of them. Nick Lowe was "attentive, but clumsy".

  6. And thus started a life chasing Charlie.

  7. Damn! That description of Wilko Johnson is perfect.

  8. It's a line from my forthcoming book on the way pub rock shaped a generation - The Light And Bitter Years: The Way Pub Rock Shaped A Generation.

  9. I believe that I saw Diana and her boys at the recent Hawkfest event, where they were a late replacement for the indisposed Mr. Lemmy, and guested with Hawkwind on the Saturday night.

    Mind you, I was a little compromised.

    vaglblax; is this really random letters?

  10. Lemmy's nazi memorabilia went down a storm with Harry.

    Welcome back, Krusty.