Monday, July 30, 2007

The Long Game

Ingmar Bergman, the world's greatest living filmmaker, is dead.

Director of such classics as Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and Fanny By Gaslight, Bergman took films about the human condition to unsurpassed levels. The BBC News have just shown those twats French & Saunders taking the piss out of him. Bergman had a sense of humour and would not have been amused.

Thank you for my DVD collection, Ingmar.

Skol, mate!

p.s. I won't be around much for the next couple of weeks but I'll be here in spirit.


  1. You've not got a chess game scheduled have you?


  2. *looks for clues to Geoff's whereabouts on Betty's blog*


  3. Geoff's okay - no health problems, he's not been sectioned (yet) and he hasn't been sent to prison. He's just doing something he can't really talk about here where he can't have access to a computer. Mind you, this probably means that he'll be blogging in the evenings at home instead, knowing him.

  4. French and Saunders!
    I shall refuse to pay my licence fee.
    Woody Allen should have done the tribute - he was Ingmar's no 1 fan!

    Hope you can still blog at the weekends

  5. He can't talk about it? He can't use the computer? Is he being punished?

    Is this some kind of cruel sado sexual lust drama being played out? Has Geoffwey been a naughty boy?

  6. Can I be the first to say how great he was in Casablanca, and how he'll always have a place in the hearts of the Arsenal faithful?

  7. Geoff's joined a cult, hasn't he?

  8. Billy - Don't worry, I'm hopeless at chess - I wouldn't last five minutes.

    Kaz - But Woody's not on the BBC. They showed a clip of F&S doing a spoof of The Seventh Seal, saying he was easy to take the piss out of. Well, Kaplinsky didn't actually use those words but it's those moments when you need someone who has some taste reading the news.

    Tim - Before Bjorn Borg, he was the "ice" Berg.

    MJ - Yes, I've joined a sado-masochistic cockney sex cult. We worship Mike Reid and Barbara Windsor.

  9. Ah yes...Mike "runahraaaannnnd" Ried. R.I.P. Gawd bless 'im.