Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Got The Blues (Part 2)

OK, it's the second and final part of the blues competition. I woke up this morning and thought it would be an idea to do it today.

So who are these blues guys? I'm afraid there's no prize this time. Eric Clapton, who signed the CDs for the first part, has withdrawn his services as he is wont to do. I remember when he left The Yardbirds. A tragic time.

But as a special treat for you all, here's 29 seconds of that band's Jeff's Blues, lead guitar by Eric's mate, the great Jeff Beck. Just imagine this in a live setting, seguing into a 30 minute jam.







  1. Big Bill Brownsea

    "I woke up this morning
    With this blogging Ennui
    I believe he played for Chelsea
    He got up and made the Tea"

  2. Howlin' Grey Wolf, BB King. Gee, this is too easy, man. Let's try number 1: erm...Toucan Ale Ocean. Nope, don't know that one. Is he related to Billy by any chance?

  3. Howlin' wolf, BB King and (after research) Clarence Gatemouth Brown.
    Don't get the Toucan one.

  4. I've already got it you two. Big Bill Broonzy.
    You Toucan play the blues.

  5. Thank you and your commenters for those moments of joy.
    What happened to Eric Clapton after he left the Yardbirds?

  6. Murph - You got the tricky one!
    Remember the Newcky Broon Blues?
    Woke up this morning, don't believe what I saw
    Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore

    Frumplingtons - I wanted a photo of a wolf eating an owl but I don't think it's ever happened.

    Kaz - Good work. Did you find out about his brother, John "Doorknob"?

    Vicus - Clapton slowly went up his own arse.

  7. Has anyone pointed out to you that that wolf isn't howlin'?

    And why is that woman drooling?

    I've failed this test miserably again.

  8. Owl Inn Wolf

    I never noticed the drool. It's because she's anticipating her bottle of Newcastle Brown.

  9. OK I 'got' BB King and Howlin Wolf, but I was way off on #1 Froot Loops Beersea and Clarence "Angle Wings" Gatelipbeer.

    Kindly make these challenges more obvious for those of us in the 50 and over crowd...images of beer are very distracting send the train of thought right off the track.

  10. Owl Inn Wolf.

    Oh now I geddit.

    Can you hold a dirty limerick compo next time?

    I could win that.

  11. Donn - I've exhausted the blues now. But there's plenty of beer out there. Fancy a pint?

    MJ - Dirty limerick competition?

    There once was a filthy coal miner
    Who jumped on a big ocean liner
    A woman said "Halt!
    Now, no dirty thoughts.
    Just washed ****s enter my ******."

  12. I can't top that.