Friday, April 04, 2008

The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum

Are you voting for Ken, then Geoff?

Of course.

Not Boris?

No. Never in a million years.

Oh, you've got to vote for Boris. He's such an idiot.

No, I'm voting for Ken.

Ken's in it for his mates. Boris is great. He's such an idiot. It'll be good to have an idiot in charge. Better a complete idiot than someone who's in it for his mates.


  1. But Boris is so funny, isn't he! What an affable, bumbling buffoon!

    Shame he's an intolerant Tory wally..

  2. Perhaps Ken is in it for his kids.

    As for that despicable Tory - are you getting a bit worried down there .. yet?

  3. Cal - He has me in stitches with his bumbling 19th century colonialist buffoonery.

    Kaz - Between them, Ken and Boris have nine kids. Their women shag them to shut them up. I do think the blond wanker's going to win and then God help us.

  4. I've met Boris. He's not an idiot. Which makes me even less disposed to vote for him: I'd rather have an honest-to-goodness cretin in charge than someone who thinks it's terribly amusing to pretend to be a fuckwit 24 hours a day.

    It would be like electing Colin Hunt from The Fast Show.

  5. I bet if he'd chosen a Radiohead song as one of his Desert Island Discs you would have been swayed.

    I'm going to walk around with a sandwich board proclaiming Boris's intelligence.

    I'm going to blame Have I Got News For You if he gets in. It made him.

  6. If only they could both lose...

  7. He's bound to get in. Here's our Arnie, and we probably need him, just as every floundering civilisation needs an Arnie… someone whose announcement to run for a genuine position of political power is greeted with nought but derision and laughter, but at the same time there’s something fun about this guy, he’s not like the usual politicians – he’s more like an entertainer!

    And it’s at this moment when we get to band together as a single voice and say how we want to be remembered: as people prepared to look to the long term and make decisions to safeguard our future for the good of the majority of our species? Or as soft-headed celebrity hounds who don’t really know what reality is anymore and just like the bloke with the floppy hair or the muscles?

    It’s definitely the latter. I’m voting Boris.