Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lord, I Have Seen The Light!

And verily did God scoop the mighty Jesus fish from the River Cray, suck out its eyes so it could not see the Devil Livingstone's ungodly work, and parachute it to earth on a fluffy cloud where it did land in the Garden of Weedin' as Betty and Geoff did innocently sleep.

The Jesus fish did transmit pure thoughts to Betty and Geoff's ungodly widescreen tv and behold, a message from God emitted from the mouth of The Chosen One.

O Alan, we are with you, O Champion of London’s most vulnerable – the unborn, the elderly, the refugee.

May every London bus have two signs on its rear -

1. A Jesus fish

2. An "Unborn Child on Board" sticker


  1. Christian Choice Priorities:

    End the (alleged) corruption at City Hall

    You've got to love that 'alleged' in brackets.

  2. See the black woman next to him on his website?

    I am tempted to Photoshop her braids onto him.

  3. I notice he is promoting "a stable family".

    That's where all the religious stuff started isn't it?

  4. Never mind the 'unborn' what about the 'undead'?
    Who will protect them from Alan's crucifix?
    Ken of course.

  5. Annie - The Fishtians will get to the bottom of this sea of corruption.

    MJ - You are forgiven for such devilish thoughts.

    Murph - He seems to be promoting starting a young family at an advanced age, too. He's rivaling Ken in that respect.

    Kaz - Ken could get Roy Cropper on board to help save them.

  6. Speaking of Roy Cropper, my statcounter indicates a Google search as follows:

    roy cropper made an orgy

  7. When Hayley's away...