Thursday, October 16, 2008

Classified Results

The Tremeloes 5 Small Faces 3

McCain 0 Obama 1

Russell Brand 4 David Mitchell 1

Boring Job Security 5 Sexy Job Insecurity 0

Real, Honest Bloggers 5 Fake Plagiarists 0 (see Donn's post)

Team Britain Olympic Celebrations 1 England Rugby "World" Cup Celebrations 0

The Smell Of The Bloke On The Train's Breakfast Banana 0 The Smell Of The Bloke On The Train's Breakfast Orange 5

The Dream Of A Decent Personal Pension 0 The Dream Of A Decent State Pension 0

Holier Than Thou Dental Hygienists 0 Uncritical Dentists 4

Zola 4 Curbishley 2

Captain Beefheart 4 Seasick Steve 1


  1. I see that Obama is only 4 points ahead of McCain in the's a bewilderment.

    We recently had the Federal Government waste $300M on a National Election that produced the exact same result in Parliamentary standings.

    I wonder if we'll ever get to have proportional voting instead of this first past the post bullsh*t?
    Our Quebec Separatist Party comes in 3rd place...can you believe that?

    I was listening to Macca's Give Ireland Back To The Irish when I was scanning the results and shook my head.

    Our Political System is totally fecockt!

  2. Bearded Donn vs Clean shaven Donn.

    The verdict is still out.

  3. Sorry about the pension Geoff.

    I liked the Small Faces - a lot.

  4. Steve started out with nothing, so that's a result for him anyway.

  5. Donn - First Past The Post means mine is a wasted vote every election. Oh, except for 1997 when Things Were Going To Get Better. Things Got A Bit Better so local voters went back to voting Tory.

    MJ - Bearded Donn is suited to the big freeze of the winter. Clean shaven Donn to the beaches of summer. It's a score draw!

    Kaz - I like some of the Small Faces a lot. But you get a compilation and they don't half go on. "Come on children!" The Tremeloes compilation we've just bought and I love it. I'm like a kid again in the 1960s. I've got plenty more time to save in my pension. At least 30 more years of work if someone will have me.

  6. Murph - I'm sorry I keep mentioning him. I think I've got him out of my system now. His is probably the third best album in the top twenty behind Kings Of Leon and Elbow, so I'll get stuck into slagging off Oasis now. Noel Gallagher wants a Tory government because the music scene is always better under the Tories. Yeah, like Duran Duran!

  7. I hate it when people eat on trains. Some poor misguided fool sat next to me with a Macdonalds the other week and I actually retched - it smelled like a hot dogshit sandwich. So inconsiderate. Bananas are bad too. Did he have one of those Lakeland Plastics Banana Guards? I do hope so.

    It must have been invented by someone who either eats bananas on trains or hates people who eats bananas on trains.

  8. He has no banana guard. Bananas and McDonalds should be banned on public tranport. As should Youngs fish and potato pie be banned from the office. I am retching as I'm typing this.

  9. Partick Thistle?

  10. The Banana Guard is a Canadian invention.

    I buy them for my friends!

  11. Boz - East Fife 4 Forfar 5

    MJ - Aren't you proud that Canada is at the forefront of fruit technology?

  12. Anonymous6:59 PM

    If Tesco really wanted to help, even a little, they'd give a free banana guard with every banana. They could then start giving you green clubcard points for re-using your banana guard. Or people could take them to Glastonbury to throw them at Seasick Steve.

    Because I am being snide Google is punishing me with an extra-long word verification.

  13. Steve could play slide guitar with it.

    Those Old Banana Skin Blues.