Monday, May 18, 2009

Election Fever

My mum and stepdad read the Daily Mail.

She's angry about MPs.

"You can't trust any of them. They've all got their snouts in the trough. All that taxpayers' money. That's your money, Geoff. Just who are you supposed to vote for? The British Parliament is totally immoral and corrupt."

"So who are you going to vote for, Mum?"

"Your stepdad reckons UKIP."


  1. One of the 12 UKIP MEPs elected last time is now in prison.

    And another one of them is Kilroy.

    'Nuff said.

  2. I write essays on my ballot papers. I don't vote anymore... but I do turn up.

  3. Oh Dear.
    But she won't will she?

  4. She should say to him: "Ukip if you will! This Lady is not for Kipping!"

  5. Billy - But the other 10 are perfect gentlemen.

    Scarlet - Don't vote? But that's how the Tories get in! Then again in most elections my vote's wasted anyway. First past the post? But that's how the Tories get in!

    Kaz - She will. But she is quite racist. And my dad was anti-Semitic. Luckily I was born with a mind of my own.

    Rog - She Kips a lot more nowadays than she used to.

  6. I have no idea what you British types are talking about.

  7. UKIP want us out of the EEC.

    In other words they want all East Europeans to leave the UK where they are currently all living on benefits, using our NHS for free and stealing our daughters.

  8. Perhaps if I put down The Sun and picked up another one of your papers, I would have known this.

  9. The Sun tells the troof!