Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny Ha Ha Or Funny?

The retiring journalist is holding court. She's going to continue to write, she's known nothing but writing since she was eighteen.

She looks at me.

She says she's going to write something funny.

I am not sure whether she's ever written anything funny. Or how difficult it would be to start writing funny stuff in your later years if you never have before.

I don't know why she looked at me. I've never said anything funny to her. And she's never seen any of my writing.

Maybe she thinks I appreciate funny writing.

I do. But it's got to be funny.


  1. It's odd that the word retire means both to stop working AND go to bed. In the States it probably also means stick a new set or radials on the buick. A retirement home would then be a winnibego where you can do all three.

  2. Nobody my age will be able to retire..
    1/4 of the population will be over 60 and in failing health,
    the government has "borrowed" all the funds from the Canadian Pension Plan and won't be able to pay,
    there won't be enough workers to support the massive influx of Baby Boomers (and their bloody parents who refuse to die) siphoning the last drops out of the Healthcare system,
    and the recent collapse of the money markets based on "voodoo economics" has stolen half of my generation's net worth,
    and last but not least,
    the faux housing market that the Boomers artificially incited through sheer numbers will fold like a cheap carnival tent.

    I could use a good laugh too :)

  3. She'll be twittering next...mark my words.

  4. Geoff, maybe she looked at you coz she's in lurve with you.

  5. She looked at you because she suspects you have the ms of a funny novel in a drawer somewhere.
    And what Tim said.

  6. "I don't know why she looked at me".Perhaps your flies were undone.

  7. Rog - There's also the shy and retiring who don't join the bowls club.

    Crash Street Kid - Baby boomers' parents have a lot to answer for. They shoulda kept it in their goddam pants.

    MJ - I might look her up but I won't follow her.

    Tim - All the journalists love me. I'm a real sweetie.

    Arabella - She's not getting into my drawers! Besides, the novel is still in my 24 year old head.

    Kaz - She could put that into her book.

  8. Isn't there the Oldie for retired journalists?

  9. You make it sound like a club. It's a thriving magazine!

  10. T'wit t'woo.

    But not twittering, ok?

    End of civilisation as we know it.

  11. Twittering's what you make it.

    As Talk Talk might say.