Saturday, May 09, 2009

How To Save The World In One Easy Lesson

We sat through Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth in three sittings and are now crossing our fingers that Greenland doesn't disappear as if it does it will be a very bad thing for the world because lots of people will be living in water and swimming with the fishes.

In his bid to save the world, Gore has spent years flying all over the place, his slideshow in tow. Let's hope that, unlike Icarus, he doesn't fly too close to the burning sun.

The audience in each country nod sagely and go away to prepare for green power. What we need are leaders of the free world who are obsessed with light bulbs and standby lights, the little things in life that could make so much difference. You could imagine Al Gore as President of the United States, flying the world with a supply of energy-efficient light bulbs, giving the Queen and the Pope tickings off for their wastage, getting out his MacBook and showing them illustrations of the consequences of their evil reliance on chandeliers and security lights.

The MacBook is the portable computer of choice for the likes of Al Gore, Stephen Fry and David Attenborough. They are all filmed looking seriously into their laptops on planes, at home and in public buildings. I have a MacBook but have yet to look serious in front of it whilst being filmed. This is one of my major ambitions in life.


  1. The trouble with the Macbook is that it's so PC to have one.

  2. I don't know why but I have a hunch that David Attenborough can't use a laptop and isn't really a fan of the World Wide Web. I'm sure he prefers communicating via smoke signals and jungle drums.
    Green? He's so green he probably doesn't understand the problem.

  3. Rog - I like mine but I don't love it like you're supposed to. But mine is bottom of the range.

    Kaz - The only double clicks David knows about are those of robins and wrens.

  4. I don't know how to do serious.


  5. We can't be filmed laughing at the laptop. The public would think we were mad.

  6. Not just a laptop - they were looking at the crystal ball app.

    But yes a laptop should be regarded with the reverence it deserves. Let me know when the clip of you looking seriously into one is on YouTube. That sort of thing turns me on.

  7. OK, but I'll warn you I'm no Jeremy Paxman.

  8. If Greenland sinks so be should be a part of Canada anyway and Denmark bloody well knows it.

    I looked serious when I wrote this but unfortunately I was not being filmed..damnit!

  9. What are you moaning about? You've got Alaska!