Thursday, March 16, 2006


Spotted in the town centre...

Britain's Number One (unnamed) Swing (i.e. Rockabilly) Band live, playing to their two dancing fans.

Nobody else gives a shit.

Which is a crying shame as the four Mark Kermode lookalikes in fingerless gloves and overcoats were sponsored by THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY.

Do they really think they're going to get converts by playing Mucho Mambo with pub singer to an ocean of hurrying hard-faced women outside TK-Maxx?

At least they could have drafted in John Travolta to do his Pulp Fiction Dance where he draws his fingers across his face. If he could have persuaded Uma Thurman I might have joined in and signed up, too.

Beam me up, Spotty.


  1. Thank-you. I didn't know who Mark Kamode was, there are obviously some advantages to living in New Zealand. Awfully wholesome looking isn't he?
    How Cruise, Travolta - and indeed anyone - can be doing with this tosh is utterly beyond me.

  2. Kermode is a committed Christian. He is also a committed double bass player. He needs glasses but he squints instead.