Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Rude Awakening

I am on the train, trying to sleep. But how can I sleep? With all this going on...

"Do you really have to push me? You rude young man. Have you no manners? You can see I'm standing here and you have to barge past me, don't you? Have you no patience? I have a bad back, you know! And arthritis! What is the world coming to when a rude young man thinks he can push people out of the way just to get on the train a bit more quickly? How dare you push an old woman out of the way! Do you have no respect for your elders? I am nearly 60 years old, I have a bad back and arthritis!...What?...What did you say?...You wished I was dead?...I have never heard such rudeness from a rude young man in my life! You wait till you get to my age. I hope then you get pushed out of the way by someone half your age. See how you like it!"

Later, I get off the train and overhear...

"She was the one doing the pushing. She barged her way through the carriage."

"You get some funny people, don't you?"


  1. Aah! More things to avoid when planning to become an eccentric old woman.
    Though it sounds like a potentially useful strategy for getting on trains.

  2. Is there anything more terrifying that old people! they should be given ASBOs, every single one of them.

  3. The thing was, she was only 59.

    I'm hoping that that's still middle age.

  4. See now if you lived in Texas or LA nobody would bump into you because
    A. you would both be in a frickin' car like the good lord intended and
    B you would both be heavily armed as prescribed by the 2nd amendment in case the Brits take another crack at the Colonies.