Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Search Me

I phone my dentist's surgery to book an appointment with the locum (if that word is appropriate for the temporary cover for my dentist and not just for my doctor or my priest).

The receptionist says, "Oh, it's you again. You have been in the wars, haven't you? Poor you. It tends to go like that sometimes.

She books me in for a week on Monday.

"Oh, Monday the 13th," she says. "Lucky it's not Friday the 13th."

Yes, it is lucky.

(THE HORROR that could have been).


On a lighter note, the following are a few of the search phrases people from all over the world have used over the past week in order to access my occasionally entertaining dream blog:-

Michelle Bass Rebecca Loos Nuts

Slowboat to China Chords

Wet armpits of Maria Sharapova pictures

Wet knickers blog

Pictures of women in cut offs

GE Penis Horse

Geoff Moon

Wet Dreams and Older Men

Dreams about warts on feet

Dreams of Floods and Darkness

And voted by Betty and myself as our personal favourite, and very topical considering the recent Winter Olympics:-

"Robin Cousins" film montage

Just beautiful.


  1. Lucky lucky lucky. It's just not FAIR....I must start talking about peoples armpits and warts...

  2. marvellous to have finally realised that two blogs what I watch are actually related by marriage. The Utility Room of Peril.

    Do keep up at the back....

  3. See? I'm not the only one.

  4. Not the only one what?

  5. Who didn't cotton on that me and Betty are the Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill of blogging.

    Except rather than being hip, young gunslingers, we're unhip old ginswiggers.

    I'm just as bad at writing as Tony, though.

  6. I'm not as fat as Julie and I haven't found God, yet.

  7. Or lesbianism?

    I should be such a bad writer as TP: booksales in the squillions.
    And all the same story. regurgitated five times.
    I am now off to rewrite my blog from scratch. Same posts an'all.

  8. I got one of his books out of the library for a laugh.

    I didn't.

    Maybe I was supposed to empathise with him?

    I didn't.

    Maybe take it back after reading 10 pages?

    I did.

  9. Oh no! Julie found God? Please tell me you're joking?
    I'm a bit out of the loop here, but I don't have ticks in my scrotum.

  10. She's not only found God, she's on a bleeding crusade.

    Are these scrotum ticks an example of comment pollination? I think I need to pass them on before I start scratching in public.