Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Quite unGeoffreyish Post

So Tory! Tory! Tory! (BBC4) is over and we've seen the end of the Iron Lady. I remember the day she resigned, listening to people at work saying how sorry they were for her. I wish they hadn't as I've always thought it bad form to bring politics into the workplace as it only adds to the stress of the working day.

Of course Mrs T did what we all knew was necessary by taking on the unions. As your man on the street might say:

"We all know the unions previously ran the country, don't we? Unelected men in smoke filled rooms with sandwiches and beer, plotting how to get the most money for their members for as little work as possible. Miners down the pits scraping handfuls of coal then spending the rest of the day playing Pontoon or I Spy then wiping coal dust on their faces to make it look as though they'd done a decent day's work. The unions kept productivity low so that they could fill dinosaur nationalised industries with a lazy workforce that now and again held the country to ransom by going on strike to keep their outdated practises. The unions were holding Britain back, but we didn't stand for it and we elected Maggie to destroy them. And destroy them she did."

Of course selling off vital public utilities to rich people and turning public housing stock into easy profit or easy debt for individuals was a good thing. Who needs society when you can have every man, woman and child fighting their own corner for their own piece of the pie? Which has to be the natural order, doesn't it? Just look at a Tory, any Tory. Aren't they ever so natural?

And it was the natural order when Mrs T began to stop listening to the people around her. It was naturally time for the lady to go. Here's Nigel Lawson talking about her old lapdog Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech:

"I was astonished by the virulence of his attack on Margaret Thatcher. It was quite unGeoffreyish."

And what were these unGeoffreyish words, this "assassination speech" according to Kenneth Baker?

"It's rather like sending your opening batsmen to the crease, only for them to find the moment the first balls are bowled their bats have been broken before the game by the team captain."

Vicious...You're so vicious...You hit me with a flower..


  1. Was it Dennis Healey who said being on the end of an attack by Geoffrey Howe was like being savaged by a dead sheep?

    People always say that you had to admire her because she knew what she wanted, went after it and got it. Exactly what Fred West, Peter Sutcliffe and Adolf Hitler did too.

  2. Stop Adam Rickitt before he induces bulimia with that toothbrush.

  3. Come on, you can't put her in the same league as West and Sutcliffe.

    She killed far more people than they did.

  4. You snuck in there, MJ.

    I think someone else is holding it (the toothbrush).

    Thank you for mentioning Adam and bulimia - my stats will now rocket (Betty reached 156 hits yesterday, the vast majority of searches were ADAM RICKITT ILL).

  5. Scheisse. Apologies for mentioning the AR disorder. Maybe I should do a huge AR posting on my own blog to set them off the trail. So, you're telling me that someone ELSE is trying to induce bulimia in AR then with that toothbrush?

  6. That's how it all started.

    No AR searches yet.

  7. I had to post again because the verification word is:

    Yotvix: Estonian marine glue.

  8. At least you had something called Tory! Tory! Tory! and I am sure it was more intelligent than "So NoTORIous," the newest television spectacle here in the United States of Stupidity (at least when it comes to entertainment and our current government, gawd, how embarrassing!) Here we elect George Bush and live to peer into the life of the Rich And Simpering.
    Of course you folks do have the Royal Family to provide amusement.
    But somehow I'm not placated.
    Charles and Camilla are funny-looking. But Tori Spelling is vile.
    I think I'll crawl into a cave for 20 years...