Monday, June 05, 2006

Doesn't He Look Young?

Although I spent most of the 80s being mistaken for this poxy joker, more recently I have been compared to celebrated counter tenor, Andreas Scholl (above). For those of you poncey music fans who live in the London area, I'm not lying when I say that Andreas is to give a recital at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 11th June. I'm not going as I'd only be mobbed by autograph hunters.

Actually, I look bugger all like the bloke, although we do both wear glasses.

At my place of work, however, I am known as a celebrated tenner counter, as I am the man who deals with the petty cash.

I am celebrated because I count the cash with such consummate style. I always make sure the Queen's head is up the correct way and facing the ceiling, and I do not lick my fingers.

I am available for performances any evening or weekend.

You supply the notes.

I bring my own box.


  1. Richard2:31 PM

    Blimey. Toggle between the two - uncanny.

  2. I am somewhere between the two.

    You wouldn't want to see us in a line-up.

  3. i don't know who this man is but i am afraid of him.

    oh, and i had an "older person's" rant on the sandi thom post just now. i am thirty three.


  4. Do you wear a rubber thingy on your finger?
    I'm glad you're not a counter tenor/tenner - haven't they had an operation?

  5. Are you triplets that were separated at birth?

  6. Surly - Be very afraid. He's not wearing any pants.

    And I don't think we'll see Anon again. We're too much like fuddy duddies.

    Kaz - I've never done that though I've seen it done. If the counter tenor's had the operation he couldn't wear the rubber thingy either.

    MJ - Yes. One got the mathematical brain, one got the ablility to sing. I'm not sure what Ben got.

  7. Those rubber counter things sell like hot cakes actually. Trust me, when I was 15 I worked in W H Smiths. was always to middle aged blokes...

    I had to get bulk orders was terrifying.

  8. Do you, then, wear a shade over your eyes and one of those bands round your arm in the style of The Sting? And if you don't, don't you think you should?

  9. Molly - That's why I don't use one. I'd only keep wearing them out and then get embarrassed in Smiths.

    Wyndham - I'd love to but I think I'd get the sack.

  10. I know a few nice boy sopranos.

    Need any?

  11. Great!

    I'd always wondered what happened to my old pal from Uni - Charlie "Lord" Falconer. And now I know!!

    (Mutters under breath: I always knew he'd end up a waistrel, counting tenners and playing the Love Cats to a tent full of beer bellied yobs pumped up on Sangria, microwaved Steak & Paella pies and viagra implants. Shame, I always thought he would have made an excellent Lord Chancellor...)