Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We're a Couple of Swells

A few words just to say we're off again tomorrow for a couple of days breathing in the New Forest air.

In the meantime, here's a picture of me with historian and Ibizan author, Isidor Macabich. We're both known for our sardonic senses of humour and tendency to rust if pissed on.

There'll be more pictures of our holiday when we get back at the weekend.

Oh goody.


  1. Welcome back. I must say, you've fetched up a bit of tan but don't you think you're a tad overdressed?

  2. Isidor Macabich? yougottabekidding.
    Is this lady the 3rd wife of the appalling McCartney?

  3. Nice hat. And, by the way, i know you're facing away from the camera.

  4. You're leaving again? Jeepers!

  5. We've missed you! Enjoy your extended vacation.

    Isn't that Ben Elton in the t-shirt?

  6. "...off again tomorrow for a couple of days breathing in the New Forest air."

    You promise that breathing is all you'll be doing?

  7. You could always try a bit of Brasso for the 'wet'. It works wonders. You look like you're having fun. Hope you're having a good'un.

  8. Hello everybody and thank you for your kind words. We go away and my stats zoom up, although mainly thanks to the legions of Sandi Thom fans out there.

    Betty's jealous that I got the comments during our second break but as I told her, I did a post and she didn't.

    And as she told me she didn't have time to do a bloody post as she was doing the bloody ironing. And just because I can get away with wearing one teeshirt a day...blah blah blah...