Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here Comes The Summer

So we're winding down for the holidays and this'll probably be the last post for a couple of weeks. For on Monday, we're off to banging party island Ibiza for a week.

I'm looking forward to seeing all my old dj friends (DJ Horny, DJ Clammy, DJ Spanner and Judge Jules) as we have it large in the wee small hours on a beach that's been reclaimed from the sea especially for us.

I'll be djing at Manumission next Wednesday. Of course Wednesday is Indie Retro Nite at Manumission, the one night of the week when there isn't live sex on stage involving a bald old git and a young glamour model. Lots of fun for the party-goers, however, as I will be playing an uplifting set including Love Cats, The Passenger, and Jump Around to a crazy mixed-up middle-aged ex-student audience. If you're coming, don't forget Strongbow is only €6 a pint so drink sensibly!

There's a special treat too, as next Wednesday is a Britpop Special. We have a special 4 song set by a reformed Gay Dad and Louise Wener will be autographing copies of her latest novel in the foyer.

In the meantime, why not tell me this...

If you were to be a popular musician, living or dead, who would you choose? Me, I'd like to be a younger version of Robert Wyatt, composing and recording at home with a keyboard and a lot of electronic effects. I couldn't be doing with all those jazz musicians, though.

Keep it pop!


  1. I think I would prefer to be a living one, Geoff. Unless you have some information on the afterlife?

    Pause for 'decomposing' joke.

    zzmmkgvd - ZZ Top, as pronounced while choking on own vomit.

  2. Oh, I get it, you mean whose life would I have liked to live.
    That's a tough one! I'm torn between Kathy Kirby and Gary Numan.

  3. "I'd like to be a younger version of Robert Wyatt, composing and recording at home"

    Oh my God! I think I'm turning into Robert Wyatt!

  4. Gay Dad? Sleeper?

    Bangin' set, Geoff!

    Hope you're gong to stick some Menswear, Heavy Stereo and Adorable tunes in your Alternative Tentacles bag.

    Oh, and Kenickie and Mansun. Don't forget Kenickie and Mansun.

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  6. Actually, Geoff is hoping to play some of the old school, pre-Britpop Britpop to educate the kids. Some of those 28 year olds don't know they're born. So, there'll be lots of These Animal Men, S*M*A*S*H* and Fabulous. He might go way, way back and drop some Dave Clarke Five or play I'm Enery The Eighth I am by Herman Hermits ... CHOOOON!!

  7. "...torn between Kathy Kirby and Gary Numan"

    That's a pretty Old Testament way to go...

  8. Her off Altered Images. Then there's always the acting to fall back on.

  9. OMG Fabulous, I remember the furore over Fabulous. What a cunt he was, eh? Simon or something.

    Can I be Poison Ivy out of The Cramps please?

  10. Kathy Kirby - too much of a household name in her heyday. Now living quietly with her memories in Kensington.

    Gary Numan - Famous for a while but now could walk around almost unnoticed. Unless he was with his (Gary Numan fan) wife and she was wearing a Gary Numan teeshirt.

    Claire Grogan - would get too many middle aged ex-students coming up to her and saying "I used to fancy you...ahem, still do actually."

    Poison Ivy - almost total anonymity yet still able to live the rock n' roll lifestyle. Have to spend every waking hour with Lux Interior, though.

    And Lucien - I LUV MANSUN! And I'm not a Japanese girl.

  11. *crosses off 4 blogs I have to read for the next couple of weeks*
    Can you leave me your house keys and tell me where you hide your liquor?

  12. Simon Dudfield was the bloke out of Fabulous. He used to write for the NME. Fabulous used to get lots of rave write ups from the NME, funnily enough.

  13. Middle-aged ex-students *shudder*

    I wish I'd thought of someone from the Cramps. What the Scottish guy with the eyepatch who did all the tribute albums to Serge Gainsbourg called? I wouldn't mind being him.

  14. I don't know who the Scottish bloke with the eye patch is, but he sounds quite interesting. However, I do know someone who used to be in a Serge Gainsbourg covers band called Baby Birkin.

    That bit isn't interesting at all.

  15. Was it Marti Pellow after he'd sneezed into his cocaine?

  16. I could do a lot worse than being Serge Gainsbourg, I reckon. Entre ses reins? Jane Birkin?

    Poison that why album sleeves are glossy?

    Happy hols.

  17. Thank you, Krusty.

    Serge - Not a bad life. But you'd spend half of it gargling mouthwash.

  18. I'd like to be the girl with the lisp in the St.Winnifred's Choir. After she had the water thrown over her on Tiswas.

    Now, that's class.

  19. She got to cry her eyes out live in TV, screaming hysterically AND got the highest ever watcher phone-in afterwards. Rock and ROLLLL!

  20. But where is she now? That Sally Lindsay hasn't got a bad life, has she?

  21. I would like to have been either Viv Stanshall or Mrs Mills.

  22. I'd quite like to be Beck. A superstar, yet also not. And I'd be able to do Hip Hop and wear a cowboy hat, and not many people can get away with that. I'd get to star in Futurama and write Odelay. Plus, I'd be Beck.

    Have a nice holiday. Spin some Orlando! Oh yesh.

  23. do you know, i think i'd be beck too.

    or rolf harris. beard, stylophone, sideline in painting rubbish pictures of the queen and bothering veterinarians.

    deffo rolf harris for me.

  24. Well..something inbetween a Pre-Raphaelite Goddess and Valerie Singleton - but without the sticky back plastic and lesbian connotations.

    Not that's there is anything wrong with being lesbain, obviously.
    It's the 'sticky back plastic' I had problems with. WHAT is that?

  25. *ahem* that would be lesbian.

    Sorry, a bit in my beer boots here. Ireland just lost to the All Blacks, again...and I have to support them (Ireland) 'cos' the old man does...