Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Days

Ooh! Geoffrey's holiday snaps! How exciting!

He looks like Robbie. But does he sound like him?

Ibiza Town. Just like I pictured it.

Dalt Vila 1 Our Poor Old Legs 0

Very Edward Hopper. Quick, get Athena on the blower.

Wolves not allowed in Ibiza. Not even on a lead.

But deer allowed in New Forest. Come on, chaps. Don't be shy. You can have some of my Oriental Ginger Ice Cream.

All chavs are bastards in Bournemouth. Yeah? So I suppose all students aren't wankers?


And as a special treat...

Distraught by the axing of Top of the Pops, I have decided to follow in the footsteps of Performance Poet/Comedian Phill Jupitus, Performance Poet/Comedian Mark Lamaar, and Performance Poet/Comedian/Actor/Crackhead Craig Charles.

I have performed the poems
I have told the jokes

Now it's time for me to be a BBC deejay like the aforementioned jokers.

Only, my musical tastes are too MOR for the BBC.

So welcome to the world of Geoff's Number Ones. The songs that are number one in my chart each week. You'll be able to listen to them for as long as they're my number one. This may be for longer than a week. Or it may be for just a week. Yes, it's that crazy.

And this week, pop pickers, straight in at number one we have Baby I'm Yours by Barbara Lewis. This Van McCoy song was made a hit by Peter and Gordon. I haven't heard that version and the only Peter and Gordon I knew were my dad and his friend. And they were more into Ted Heath than whatever was in the sixties charts.

Barbara's lovely performance can be found on Soul Diva Sessions: Classic 60's & 70's Ladies Soul With Attitude, an album we played and thoroughly enjoyed in the car on the way down to the New Forest. The soundtrack for the rest of the break was Ibiza - The History Of Trance which we listened to in England as we didn't get the chance in Ibiza to see the sun go down and then come up again with thousands of beautiful people half our age to a soundtrack of chilled-out beats.

No, instead we got a mid-evening glimpse of Nigel Fear and his one-man Shadows impersonation in the hotel bar.



  1. Let us all pray that in addition to looking like Mr Williams the gentleman in question does not sound like him. No-one should be that unfortunate.

  2. I wouldn't like to have to tell them apart in a line-up, Vicus.

    I think I'd have to shut my eyes and ask them to sing Angels.

    WV: syknfli - David Beckham

  3. If they were in a line up, then I guess you could shoot them both.

  4. Thanks for allowing us to travel vicariously through you, Geoff. Although I'm disappointed you couldn't follow up on the Robbie Williams Tribute Show. The husband and I listen to your musical "pick of the week" at home from time to time as we have it on .... wait for it... VINYL!

  5. Vicus - And I wouldn't give them any last requests.

    MJ - It was a real pisser as we arrived late on the Monday evening - too late for "Robbie". Vinyl's good. At least you didn't say shellac.

    Do we say "pisser" in the UK? It just came out without any warning.

  6. "All Chavs are Bastards". Shouldn't that be All Coppers? And I thought Bournemouth was such a genteel place.

  7. Maybe it was a copper who wrote it.

  8. Love the pictures. That picture of 'Robbie' looks like someone I used to sit next to at Primary school. I used to copy him in Mental Arithmetic tests. I knew he'd go far.

  9. He looks like he's adding up the audience in his photo.