Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Long Walk To Finchley

This drama was about Thatcher's early political years. Her failure to get selected to be a candidate in East Kent, her success in capturing Britain's most eligible divorcee Denis, her success in producing two beautiful twins and her eventual success in winning over the Tories in Finchley (with a little help from the lovelorn (yes, lovelorn) Ted Heath....

Yes, it was more a comedy really. Including really hackneyed jokes foretelling things that were to happen later in the evil family's life which I won't bore you with here.

What was disconcerting, however, was that she was played by the outstandingly beautiful Andrea Riseborough...

Jesus, I fancy Thatcher!

"I wonder if anybody's ever pleasured themselves to a picture of the real Thatcher?" said Betty.

"And anticipating the moment of release shouted 'MAGGIE! MAGGIE! MAGGIE!...'"


N.B. The retiring Member for Finchley was played by the increasingly jowly Geoffrey Palmer (who I once saw in Tesco's)


  1. Didn't Alan Clark fancy Thatcher?

  2. We once had a very jowly Prime Minister.

  3. Geoffrey Palmer is God.

  4. Alec Douglas Home was very sexy.
    And Jim Callaghan had nice knees.

    Stop this nonsense immediately, Geoff, there are no sexually attractive politicians, you know that.

    Although I may have an orgasm when they lower Thatcher's casket into the ground, should the good Lord spare me long enough to witness it.

  5. Billy - A lot was made of Thatcher's ankles in the programme - the men in Dartford were salivating over them. This was probably because Alan Clark said she had sexy ankles. I think he wanted a threesome with Margaret and Carol. In fact I think those were his last words.

    MJ - Jowls add gravitas. I wouldn't trust a politician who didn't have them.

    Tim - Would God appear in a Carla Lane sitcom? Probably.

    Vicus - I'll be like Pete and Dud were over the Pope's body if she ever gets to lie in state.

  6. Richard Nixon?

  7. You enjoyed this a bit too much Geoff.
    I'll catch the repeat.

  8. MJ - I'd trust him with my life.

    Kaz - You'll be with Maggie all the way as she gives those sexist old scrotes what for! (By doing a Sharon Stone in front of one of the movers and shakers in the Tory Party).

  9. I am a great admirer of Andrea Riseborough. She dresses like a mad person in real life, but she is an actress so we must make allowances.

  10. The Sun headline in August last year said "SEXY ACTRESS TO PLAY IRON LADY". No, I say, she's more than just sexy. She's in Chekhov soon!