Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nutty Nuptials

"Wayne phoned me from Scotland last night. He said the wedding was fantastic, the best he's ever been to. You'll never guess where it was held."

"In a castle?"

"No. A field! In the middle of a field in Scotland! You'll never guess what the dress code was."


"No! Wellies! Wellies in a field in Scotland! You'll never guess what they sang."

"Donald Where's Your Troosers (Trad Arr)?"

"No. Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life! You know, the Monty Python song!"


  1. Ugh - I don't there's a shudder I can do that would convey accurately the horror of that.

  2. I'm so depressed now.

  3. That sounds bloody McAwesome..
    but they still painted their faces blue didn't they?

  4. At least they weren't on thrones made of swans.

  5. I take it Wayne's surname is "Kerr"?

  6. The other Wayne had Westlife - I presume this one had The Proclaimers.

  7. Billy - It needed the big Monty Python foot to squash them all.

    Malc - I'd prefer a nice long church service with a droning vicar.

    Donnnnn - I'll tak the high woad, and ye'll tak the low woad and I'll get that scwewy wabbit afore ye!

    Tim - I agree with cheap and cheerful. But was it what the bride's mother really wanted?

    Murph - The teachers used to call his full name in class. He didn't have a twin, they just thought it was apt.

    Kaz - I would walk 500 miles AWAY from that wedding.

  8. sounds MUCH better than the one I went to . . .

  9. But you can't dance in wellies.