Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy

Some time ago I vowed never to give my opinion of Amy Winehouse's music again. Let's just say some people love it and some find her recordings as bland as Red Leicester cheese and her live performances as aurally painful as a wailing foghorn.

Why not get an opinion from an expert? Sylvia Young, head teacher of the Sylvia Young theatre school says, "I've always said she's a cross between a young Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald."

Sylvia may be on to something. If you were to perform a scientific experiment and fuse two of the greatest distinctive voices of all time, who knows what kind of mess you may achieve?

Or, of course, it could sound like genius.

The jury is still out.


  1. No doubt after her drug induced death in 2009, Amy will have a new band of admirers who will elevate her 'brilliance' to a heavenly podium.

    Alive.. she is distinctly average.

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I prefer Billie Holliday to Ella, good as Ella is.

    I actually quite like Amy's singing, though I'd like to hear it in a different context to the 60s style soul stuff she seems to do. A skittering glitchy drum beat and some Japanese-style noise music would do it for me.

  3. Didn't Ken Livingstone appear in the Red Leicester advert?
    And look what happened to him!

  4. I don't think Ella or Judy wore incontinence pants at 25 though did they? I give her three to six months - it's terrifying and awful that it her painful demise is documented in a sort of twisted, revolted glory in the newspapers every day.

  5. Jimmy - Up there in distinctly average heaven with Eva Cassidy.

    Billy - I prefer Billie too but I prefer that style of music. I like Judy Garland more than either. Maybe if Amy was on something different...I couldn't stand Antony Hegarty until I heard Hercules & Love Affair. Mark Ronson's just a twat.

    Kaz - Just imagine a socialist republic of Leicester. Gary Lineker would be driving the buses and Englebert Humperdinck would be taking the fares.

  6. Romo - Seeing her live (on telly) really brings it home. You just want to strap her down in rehab. A picture in the paper is more distancing. And I used to get scared by Ian Curtis!

  7. Keith Richard came through it all and now he's as healthy as the next, er, tree.

    This is the new social phenomena of Women Beehiving Badly.

  8. Beehive yourself, Murph.

    She's going to be alright!

    (she's now into Buddhist chanting to stop those cravings)

  9. Considering her drug problems, will Amy make it to her next birthday? A few friends are running a book on when she'll OD. So far no-one is willing to bet on her lasting past 30.

  10. The Buddhist beads will see her through. She'll outlive Adele.