Saturday, September 06, 2008

There's Something About Mary

Dr Roger Tackley has retired from his £120,000 per year job as a consultant anaesthetist and opened his own hairdressing salon.

He left the NHS because he was frustrated with all the red tape.

Apparently Roger, 56, and his team of stylists specialise in futuristic hair styles.

How far in the future it remains to be seen.


10cc were once described by Garry Bushell as "The Jewish Beatles", precursors to the "Oi Vey!" movement featuring bands such as The No Foreskins.

10cc is the volume of semen produced by the average human male in one ejaculation. I say the average male because there are exceptions to the rule. It is rumoured that Jeremy Clarkson's emissions can only be measured in a quart pot. 10cc, for Clarkson, are a "small, insignificant band". I do not agree.

The following is a list of my ten favourite 10cc tracks. Kek is compiling our favourites, not to find the most popular 10cc track, but as a much more interesting project. Everybody's got an opinion on 10cc, haven't they?

Show us yours!


1. I'm Not In Love
2. Donna
3. Rubber Bullets
4. Une Nuit A Paris
5. Silly Love
6. The Wall Street Shuffle
7. Art For Art's Sake
8. Somewhere In Hollywood
9. The Worst Band In The World
10. I'm Mandy Fly Me


We're off tomorrow for the week. A minute hole in the blogosphere will be created.

See you soon.


  1. I guess Dr. 'Tacky' wanted to make some real money for a change...can't blame him.

    I still listen to 10cc...
    I'm listening to How Dare You..
    it would be perfect Intro music for a cable/public access show.

    I should have given Good Morning Judge and Feel The Benefit a little more consideration?

    O-o-o-oh Dr Tackley,
    does your money make you better
    are you waiting for the hour
    when you can 'DO' me
    'cause you're weird enough

    for fu-turis-tic hairstyles

  2. "Oi Vey!" - LOL

    Cool top 10, geoff!

    I hear you had a Kevin Godley moment at the airport - nice one!

    "feel the benefit" is great!

  3. If they had been around today Lol Creme would have been the most amused person in the world.

    What pisses me off is that Eric is still as bloody boyishly good looking as he ever was. Bastard.

  4. Donnnnn - I was inspired to buy Greatest Hits...And More yesterday as our 10cc collection was a little lacking. The last quarter of CD2 is dominated by Graham Gouldman from 2006. It's not as bad as you might expect. The beauty of compilation albums these days is that you always seem to get something recent, at least twenty years after the band's successful period.

    Kek - It was strange as I thought Godley always came with Creme. I was so disappointed.

    Murph - It must be all that clean living and country air.

  5. I must be the only person without an opinion on 10cc.
    But I don't like that talking bit in the middle.
    Have a great hol.

  6. 'Oi Vey'- tee hee!

    Not familiar with all their tunes - I like Dreadlock Holiday and I'm Not In Love a lot.

    Did you get our written permission to leave? And where are you going?

  7. Are you back yet?

  8. I love I'm Not In Love. Just the ambition of the sound. All those vocal overdubs! And it all sounds so wonderfully organic. Sigh.

  9. "It was strange as I thought Godley always came with Creme."

    He was probably waiting in the car. These days it's Godley and Gouldman aka GG06 - I've not heard any of their stuff - it's pay on demand downloads. I'll hold out for the vinyl.

    There's a cool £1 Cd best of the first 2 LPs on sale in woolworths right now. But the charity shops are littered with cheap vinyls.

  10. Kaz - "Big boys don't cwy"? But they do, they do!

    Annie - We've been on a gridlock holiday. It's good to be home.

    MJ - Yes, here we are.

    Del - I love 10cc's vocal overdubs but can't stand Queen's. Probably because 10cc's songs are 1,000 times better.

    Kek - GG06 are on the compilation I've just bought. They've got a song called which sounds like it should be the theme song for a musical.