Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All We Can Do Is Hope

It feels strange. It feels like we should be celebrating but I don't know who "we" are. Not the people I talk to, that's for sure. Nobody gives a damn.

When Thatcher resigned, most of the people I know were sad. Now Bush has gone they are indifferent. Bush has gone and McCain didn't win. Two reasons to celebrate on my own. And hopefully Obama will stop mentioning "the middle class" every ten seconds now. Hopefully real change will come. So why do I feel so pessimistic?

One reason is that the last couple of days on Smooth Radio they've played Marvin Gaye's version of Abraham, Martin & John. Are they the Smoothsayers? Has there ever been cause to look to the future with optimism? How many people's lives will change for the better? Come on, Barack. DO SOMETHING.


I know you've all had other things to think about but I bet you're secretly wondering how I'm getting on with my legs. Triumphantly, so far this week my thighs have not ached. I put this down to a little daily drinking. On Monday evening I had a little brandy. Last night I had a little gin and orange. Betty said the only time she ever drank a measure of gin she was psychotic. "Don't be silly" I said. I'm only having the one.

Last night I woke up at midnight and saw a mouse climbing the wall.

"A mouse!" I screamed.

Tonight I will not drink gin.


  1. Don't be silly. Had you wakened, seen a mouse climbing the wall and screamed "An armadillo" you might have questioned your being psychotic. Describing what you see is normal behaviour - but don't overdo it, otherwise you will be considered to be boring.
    I hope that this helps.

  2. You feel slightly pessimistic because you remember the tide of blind optimism when Tony & Cherie walked down Downing Street.

    Now we're all living in gin dives with mice running up the walls.

  3. Was it a talking gigantic mouse?

    This is the reason I don't drink gin.

    wv: hymen (seriously!)

  4. did it have crampons on?

  5. Try the gin again but on its own. Maybe it was the orange that was to blame.

  6. Vicus - I think Betty might appreciate it more if my description was less excitable. At midnight.

    Murph - I remember being excited by the Tories being kicked out but pretty unconvinced by Blair. But always rather Labour than Tory and rather Democrat than Republican.

    MJ - No, that was John McCain. I can't take him or hymen seriously.

    Ziggi - I didn't see any. Maybe it had suction pads on its feet.

    Chris - That's a neat idea. I don't trust those citrus fruits.

  7. Don't worry Geoff - it was probably just a rat.
    They like the smell of gin.

  8. You should have had a gin and tonic. Tonic has quinine in it which is good for leg cramps. Also maybe you just have mice.

  9. I'm celebrating Geoff!

    (and echoing what you just said to Murph)

    Vodka exists, so there's no need for anyone to ever drink gin.

  10. I woke last night and saw Bush. I can't tell you how surprised I was.

  11. see? even the doctor said you should drink gin and tonic...

    suction pads on its feet? it was obviously one of those genetically-engineered gecko/mouse crossovers (mecko? gouse?). i blame the republicans.

    wv: bristato - succulent fruit native to the south west of england.

  12. Kaz - I couldn't smell a rat. Not with that overpowering reek of gin.

    Realdoc - Thank you. But will the tonic help me have nice dreams? We haven't had mice since we had a new patio laid.

    Beth - Nobody cares still at work. Vodka is too easy to drink too much of.

    Boz - Stay off the gin! It can do some very strange things.

    Surly - A gecko/mouse? Yes, that was it! Shit, I can see Palin smiling now.

  13. "...on a cold and grey Chicago morn another little baby boy is born..... the Gecko....."



    Obama won then?

  14. ...oh and best of British with the legs Geoffster


    wrod vrfecificfitfation: pegleg couldn't etc. etc. etc.

  15. Thanks, Bob. They're good, solid British legs.