Thursday, November 13, 2008

Isn't It Awful When People With Crap Taste Get Into The Bands You Were Into When They Were Good?

The idea for today's post I'm nicking from somewhere I'm a lurker. My favourite West Ham fans' site, West Ham Online.

The title of the thread is "Bands/artists whose most famous song is one of their worst. "

I wholeheartedly agree with the following choices made by my fellow southern knobjockeys (see last few comments here)...

Radiohead - Creep
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
Dodgy - Staying Out For The Summer
Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA
Stranglers - Golden Brown
Underworld - Born Slippy
Prodigy - Firestarter
REM - Shiny, Happy People

In addition, I'd like to offer...

Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
John Lennon - Imagine
Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
Status Quo - Whatever You Want
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl
Smokey Robinson - Being With You
Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me
David Bowie - Let's Dance
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
UB40 - Red Red Wine
Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Talking Heads - Road To Nowhere
The B52's - Love Shack
10CC - Dreadlock Holiday
Donna Summer - Hot Stuff

Blimey, that took it out of me.

Any more?


  1. You're mining a rich vein here Geoff. Or the rich & vein.

    Jeff Beck: Hi Ho Silver Bloody Lining

  2. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Hearing a song too many times ruins it of its magic, especially if it's a good one.

    I agree with your list.

  3. Bill Wyman - Je Suis Un Rockstar

    Paul McCartney - Frog Chorus

    Again (!) Macca and Steve Wonder - Ebony and Ivory

    ELO - Secret Messages

    OMD - Joan Of Arc

    Wizard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

    Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo (aaaghhhhh - I HATE that song it's SHIT)

  4. Anonymous2:08 AM

    London Calling and Sheena is a Punk Rocker and My Favourite Cousin.

  5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart...

    MUST you remind me?

  6. Rockmother - I have the Boo Radleys stuck in my head on repeat now. Gahhhhh!

  7. The entire Cliff Richard back catalogue, anything by James Blunt and Paranoid by Black Sabbath.

  8. I agree with most of those (though being more a Trevor Horn fan than a progger, I always liked Owner Of A Lonely Heart - sorry).

    Surely Mull Of F'Kintyre deserves a mention too?

    And Everything I Do (I Do It For You).

    And Sit Down by James.

    And Rod Stewart's Sailing.

    And anything by U2.

    Hello, by the way.

  9. The worst example ever in the history of popular music is ...My Ding-a-Ling by the marvellous Chuck Berry.

  10. Murph - The drunk uncle's wedding reception song! To add to that: Come On Eileen.

    Billy - Five times a year is enough.

    Romo - A definite yes to Wizzard. Add to that Slade's Merry Xmas Everybody. Even if we hadn't heard them 50,000,000,000,000,000,000 times they still would rank among their worst songs. I'v enever heard any other Boo Radleys songs. Am I missing out?

    Arabella - I can't stand either The Clash or The Ramones but even I can see that those are shitter than shit. "Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust". My least favourite line in a song, ever.

    MJ - Just repeat the words of Close To The Edge as a mantra to override it.

    Boz - It could be worse. Actually, thinking about it...

    Chris - I can see an audience of Sabbath fans booing them off as they play Paranoid as an encore. That's quite a funny image.

    Rol - Welcome. I used to really really really hate Mull of Kintyre and Sailing but once I had a long break from hearing them they didn't seem so bad. Sit Down is one of the most annoying songs of the 20th century.

    Kaz - Yes. Chuck was a brilliant rocker but a bloody awful hippy. I'm now reminded of The Joy Of Sex book. Yuck!

  11. Sit Down is a disgrace of a song - I always rather childishly sing "oh fuck off, oh fuck off, fuck off away from me" when the chorus kicks in.

    Rol - sorry - it really is crap isn't it?

    Anything by Jamie Olivers favourite band Toploader AND The Feeling should be banned from the radio/all shops

  12. Frank Sinatra: My Way.

  13. Romo - Good lyrics. We could have done with those when watching The Manchester Passion.

    Tim - Yes indeedy. Sid Vicious made it into a classic, though.

  14. Rolf Harris - 2 Little Boys

    It's shit 'cos it makes me cry.

  15. There's room on my horse for two.

  16. I suppose this is why you're not the Morning Drive DJ eh?

    I didn't happen to see Captain & Tenille's Muskrat Love?

  17. Malc - I can understand why but I like it.

    Phoenis - Love Will Keep Us Together was bigger in Britain. America are the kings of Muskrat Love.