Thursday, November 27, 2008

White Light, White Heat

I can get a little annoying.

I see a documentary on Neil Young and I have to play everything we own by him. We don't own Let's Impeach The President but found it amusing watching him play it to an split audience, some cheering, some shouting expletives. Seeing an irate, old Republican Young fan after Neil's concert saying Neil could "suck my dick, motherfucker" creased me up. I love it when twats feel they're being ripped off.

I haven't included any Neil on this post. Just a couple of the songs I've been listening to recently.

We bought a Todd Rundgren compilation some time in the 90s. Every now and again I've played it, hoping that this would be the time I'd *get* it. This time I did.

Before, I thought it sounded like Todd was making up the songs as he recorded them. But the more I listen to them the more they get under my skin.

The song on this post, the most immediate song Todd ever recorded, is I Saw The Light, apparently about his main sexual partner, uber groupie Bebe Buell. There could be circumstances where a man or woman might think of their other half when listening to this song. It's a beautiful love song. They may think of love and romance and fidelity, being with that one person for rest of their life as they've seen "the light". Ignoring the fact that it was written by and about a couple whose sexual proclivities would have made Caligula blush.

China Crisis were an odd couple. That's them above looking very smart. I drove all the way to Essex University to see China Crisis, the week after The Smiths had played there. I was pissed off at the time that I was friend enough to drive people to see a second rate synth pop band but not worthy of seeing a major cultural event (with gladioli). But I'm having the last laugh. I'm listening to China Crisis now in the knowledge that they were a better band than The Smiths ever were. And I saw them at their peak!

Betty bought the cd about four years ago and I only found it recently. I had probably made several jokes about having to see the awful China Crisis instead of The Smiths. It was one of my "unlucky me" stories. So even if I'd found it I wouldn't have played it before I decided to confront my China Crisis demons.

African & White is marvellously nonsensical and nonsensically marvellous. Is it about Ian Smith? Who knows? Maybe it's about Tony Greig, a paean to the controversial all-rounder. Or maybe Manfred Mann?

All of a sudden, I don't know why, I'm reminded of the Microdisney album, We Hate You South African Bastards. I saw them live once. They were bloody awful.


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I saw that documentary too, and the Let's Impeach the President bit made me smirk until my face was sore.

    I quite like Neil with his raggedy guitar and warbly voice.

  2. I will put something from 'A Wizzard/A True Star' on the next podster just for you Geoff...


    Wrunkle vienesification: matted - is that one of them boy bands??

  3. I'm the same when I see doc's on people (including musicians) I suddenly have to know and consume everything they have performed/written etc. I always thought Todd Rundgren's name let him down - it's a sort of funny comedy name in a way. I think 'I Saw The Light' is such a nostalgic 70's song. There is something about the production and sound that evokes so much of a certain time. God I'm boring - must go. Thanks for a nice post Geoff but I can't believe you drove ALL the way to Essex University to see China Crisis! I've got their only hit 'Wishful Thinking' in my itunes - it's from the album 'Absolute Synth Classics'. Yes well...anyway..

  4. I was at Essex University at the time and I didn't bother to go and see China Crisis. Sorry. I did witness the 'major cultural event' the week before though. It was all right.

  5. I do admire the way you keep trying as in the case of Todd Rundgren. I'm sure that's the wasy to real satisfaction - ahem.

    My biggest regret? It is still deciding not to go the The Isle of White (Jimi) because the weather was so nice in Manchester.

  6. Todd Rundgren sounds a bit like Carole King. I'd rather listen to "Heart of Gold".

    (I wondered why I didn't see Kaz at the Isle of Wight.)

  7. Billy - I love Neil. I prefer his acoustic stuff to his rockin' out stuff live.

    Bob - Thank you.

    Romo - I was being used. I got out of those friendships to ones where I got to see The Fall live. Which was much better.

    Astronaut - Colchester, so much to answer for. I saw The Smiths later at Brixton and they were dull.

    Kaz - If it had been the Isle Of Man you'd have gone like a shot. The Moody Blues' set far surpassed Hendrix's that weekend anyway.

    Murph - He is a bit Caroley but a lot weirder. I don't know about Heart Of Gold, I'm sure there was more than one Pot Of Gold at the Isle Of Wight.

  8. I love that Todd Rundgren song. I almost saw him the other night - he was in the venue next door to the one I was in. I preferred the band I was listening to, but I did hanker after sneaking in to hear TR's inevitable 'I Saw The Light' encore.

  9. I'd like to see a sample of his audience.

  10. I would be in his audience if that gives you any indication.

  11. I'm trying to think of someone I'd like less than Neil Young to suck my dick.

    Former Dr Who Colin Baker is hovering in there, but no, it's Neil.

  12. MJ - At least his audience wouldn't chat through his set, I would hope.

    Tim - Not Shane McGowan?