Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Star Is Born

The Sun today...

ANDREW Sachs’s granddaughter yesterday defended her career with burlesque troupe The Satanic Sluts.

Georgina Baillie, 23, said: “Because we have a hussy name doesn’t mean we’re wanton girls.”

Busty Georgina said the tongue-in-cheek Goth group were from “the same great tradition of British humour as Fawlty Towers”.

This trailer for a Satanic Sluts video from 2006 has the girls dressing up in Nazi uniform. The "SS" insignia of Satanic Sluts is, I'm sure, not an accident. Although it seems Georgina wasn't in the comedy burlesque troupe back then, I'm sure she had ambitions to be.

Georgina's great-grandad was Jewish and escaped Nazi Germany with his family for England just before the Second World War. Maybe instead of Ross and Brand apologising to Georgina, she should be apologising to her grandad.

The humour in Fawlty Towers she is referring to cannot be "Don't mention the war", the only thing I remember about that overrated tosh except for the shite car-beating incident and Sachs's crap Spaniard.

We have been battered over the head with the Ross/Brand bollocks for the past week. And now a star is born! Stick her in the Celebrity Big Brother house now for Gawd's sake! Pretend you're filming her but don't.


  1. Couldn't we point Russell in the direction of Wife in the North.

    (wv=glist. How spooky!)

  2. It's too early in the morning here in Canada to watch bloodletting.

    Ha! to Murph's suggestion.

  3. Murph - Like she needs the publicity! Besides, has Wife In The North got that raw, animal, libidinous, dark and dangerous sexuality that Russell goes for?

    MJ - Such raw, animal, libidinous, dark and dangerous sexuality should only be experienced in the dead of night. Looking at the video on The Sun site I think they're becoming a bit too mainstream and girl next door. It's always the way with raw, animal, libidinous, dark and dangerous sexuality. Once the mass media gets involved it's watered down so much that all is left is a bunch of tits.

  4. We should introduce Georgina to prince Harry.
    Bring Back Russell.

  5. Wife in the North has a vagina. "That'll do," says Russell.

  6. I thought that they were cute.
    My favorite was Posh Satanic Slut no wait Sporty Satanic Slut.

  7. Kaz - Between swastika sheets. Thankfully Russell's still with The Guardian and that's all that matters to me.

    Tim - Russell goes for the Page 3 type, not the smug family section type.

    Mr C - From Girl Power to White Power.

  8. Busty gals in Nazi uniform? Someone tell Mr Moseley!

  9. He's got the video!