Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Damned United

"But, Geoff. You like football. You like films. Why not go and see The Damned United?"

Because I am loyal to the families of my heroes. If the Clough family say the book is a load of old shit and as we all know films of books are very rarely as good as the books, just what is the point?

I will go further and say if any currently or previously working class person does go and see this film they will be betraying their forefathers and mothers. Let's have some solidarity with the Clough family, people.

Besides, the actor playing Billy Bremner looks like Bob Mortimer in a joke wig.


  1. I can't believe Clough comes over worse than David Frost did in Frost/Nixon. And Frost was quite happy with that.

    If Brian Clough had been a sweet, gentle, uncomplicated guy, he wouldn't have won two European Cups. He was a mad genius and probably a bit of an arsehole sometimes. Most of us only get to be one of those, and it's not the first one.

  2. I'm going. It'll be a right laugh. And I won't be betraying anybody - my dad couldn't stand Clough.

  3. Have they got Rat Scabies back on drums?

  4. I liked the book but apparantely they've toned it down for the film. Bah. I hate it when they do that.

  5. Tim - I don't know what Clough's reaction would have been if he'd been alive but his family thought the book wasn't a true portrayal of the man. If you're writing about someone whose wife is still alive you should show her some respect and listen to what she has to say.

    Beth - Yes, but you're biased. Clough's teams played good football. That didn't really fit in with the Leeds way of that time. I don't mind Leeds now but only Leeds fans liked them back then.

    Rog - When the Damned are united, they will never be divided. 140 year old punks still playing that old boogie woogie like punk never happened.

    Billy - I think the film is a bit Carry On Cloughie with Jim Dale playing Clough and Sid James playing Revie.

  6. I've already read the book and I loved it - it makes it clear that he really loved his family.
    I loved Brian as well. What a star.
    I'll wait for the DVD.

  7. Oh bloody hell, Kaz, even you're against me. I will not surrender. I will go down fighting for the real working class. Has anybody got the number of Class War?

    Actually the book's going cheap in HMV.

  8. Apologies... I was thinking The Damned as well..

  9. Carry on Cloughie... let's play with this... Bernard Bresslaw as Peter Taylor... Kenneth Connor as Bert Millichip... Charles Hawtrey as Trevor Francis... Hattie Jacques as Wembley...

  10. Scarlet - I'd like to see Dave Vanian play on the wing.

    Tim - Or the Leeds players in a Carry On film. Gary Sprake, Paul Reaney, Norman Hunter. The laughs would never stop.

  11. HMV you say?
    I'm going to see the film. We're supposed to be working towards a classless society.

  12. You just want to see those old Palace shirts.