Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thought for the Day

You know those World's Best Dad mugs? Patently bollocks, aren't they? There's only one world's best dad, whoever he may be.

And so many dads have got them, you've got to wonder how many of them are less World's Best Dad than World's Biggest Cunt.

There have got to be dads out there who, when they're not being great dads, are absolute cunts. And it goes without saying that a lot of these dads are closer to being the world's biggest cunt than being the world's best dad.

So next time you see some big cunt slurping his tea out of his World's Best Dad mug, remember he's unlikely to be the world's best dad. He's just a cunt with a mug.


  1. I'd like to have a World's Biggest Cunt mug.

    It'd certainly be a talking point.

  2. That mug belongs to Chris Moyles

  3. Haaaa! @ Billy.

    As for this post, this is precisely the kind of ill-thought-out opinion and observation I expected of you in the New Manifesto.


    Oh, hello Rog.

  4. Is it worse to *be* the world's biggest cunt, or *possess* have it?

    Or to drink from it?

  5. If he were the World's Best Dad he'd keep in in the cupboard - only the World's Biggest Cunt would use it in public.

  6. You know those gold 'DAD' rings you can buy from Argos?
    How about a gold ring with 'CUNT' on it? I'd certainly buy one!

  7. Billy - you could get in early and use the world's best dad's mug and he'd have to use your cunt one.

    Rog - Moyles would get the t-shirt.

    MJ - I'll be writing for The Sun next.

    Tim - I don't want to see any of those in action.

    Kaz - Yes. Put it away with the Royal celebration mugs.

    Istvanski - You don't need them when you can get sovereign rings.

  8. I'd quite like to own a mug that said 'World's Biggest Cunt' but I'd be careful to use it in private. It's a lady thing.

  9. It sounds like there could be a big market for these Cunt mugs.

    Has "The Cunt Mug Company" been registered yet?

  10. I'm not letting anyone slurp tea out of my cunt mug. Or my fanny mug.

  11. I don't like sharing my mug with anyone.

  12. "There's only one world's best dad, whoever he may be."


    I totally deserve my WGD mug but you're right about a lot of blokes who parade around the orifice with their ill gotten gain. Pffft!

    You could prolly sell about 6 billion WBC mugs.

  14. It's that male pride thing.