Friday, April 03, 2009

This Is A Low

The two loves of Alex James' life are Graham Coxon and cheese. He's ended up with just one of those but anybody in their right mind would choose something tasty over a myopic ex-drunk.

I'm reading Alex's autobiography and not liking him one little bit. He talks about the students at Goldsmiths College while he was there as cultural revolutionaries who bestrode "the ultimate decade of the last millenium" like colossuses. I presume by "ultimate" he means the last. Because Britpop and Britart was mostly a load of old cack, wasn't it?

He talks about Charles Saatchi being extremely "clever" because he saw the potential in Damien Hirst's art.

"No one's right all the time, but some people have a knack for picking winners, and they become winners themselves."

What bollocks! As if Saatchi wasn't already one of life's privileged winners and able to influence by his wealth alone!

More on Alex in future weeks.


  1. More on Alex in future weeks.

    *sits poised on edge of seat in anticipation*

  2. The 'gentleman farmer' thing he tries so hard to cultivate is a bit annoying. As if wearing a flat cap and tweed jacket makes you the real deal.

  3. Those early 90's were just a Blur to me.

  4. I'm with Malc on this one; I've read some interviews with Alex James and I've come away wanting to slap him. Quite hard.

  5. I think it was Damien Hirst who saw the potential in Damien Hirst's art.
    Saatchi just wanted to be one of the boys and sing Vindaloo with Keith Allen et al.

  6. Oh Geoff, I fear for your blood pressure. Is it too late to suggest you put it back on the shelf and walk away?

  7. MJ - There are the drinking years to come.

    Malc - He's no different from those pop star wine growers.

    Rog - The book's called Bit of a Blur. He's definitely a bit of a something.

    Scarlet - But he's a fragile boy!

    Kaz - If Keith Allen's name is mentioned in the book I will spontaneously combust! I'm sure Alex wouldn't upset me in that way.

    Beth - But someone in the NME said it was the book of the year! More cheese, Gromit.