Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Is The Sound Of My Soul

Terry Hall's appearance on Later With Jools was heartwarming for us old miseries. I know he never smiles whilst performing but he looked so pissed off throughout the whole show he negated any enjoyment anybody might have gained from any of the music on offer.

Why The Specials are back together playing live, God only knows. Jerry Dammers sensibly doesn't want anything to do with it. High octane ska is best performed by young energetic musicians to an audience of skinny rude boys, not by a band in their fifties egging on middle aged fat fucks like Phill Jupitus and his ilk, all struggling to breathe as they pound the floor with the full force of their furred arteried bodies.

Turning back the years is the last thing Terry wants to do. Why can't we let him sit at home with his feet up like the rest of us middle aged curmudgeons?

One of the free papers gave ABC five stars for their live performance this week. And Martin wore his lurex suit! This is the sad chicken-in-a-basket circuit that The Specials are now joining.

And of course there's Spandau fucking Ballet. Tony Hadley, fresh from appearing at last year's Gala at the Tory Party Conference, will sing hits such as True and Gold in front of audience after audience of cloth-eared morons all over the country, reminiscing about the absolute low point in pop music history as if it were somehow a good time to be alive!


  1. Maybe their pension schemes went plop.

  2. "Chicken in a basket circuit"! Rock on Geoff!

    Spandex Ballet Trousers getting back together after all the acrimonious legal fighting with the annoying curly one who got all the royalties is akin to Paul McCartney going on tour with Yoko Ono.

    Spotify have dried up all their royalties.

  3. Oops!
    I read that as 'cloth capped morons' - thought it was the New New Romantics.
    I agree about this but I read ABC were marvellous - so I'll make an exception.

  4. Scarlet - How can you say they're doing it for money rather than love?

    Rog - The Kemps are the most boring siblings in the history of pop. They even sent their own solicitors to sleep.

    Kaz - I had a search last week for "Martin Fry shy with women". The gold lame suit must disguise a lot of insecurity.

  5. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I was ent here by MJ! Holy smoke I live in kent as well you know....You are right about Spandau Ballet..

  6. Hello Mutley. I've always been right about Spandau Ballet.

  7. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Well I guess I was wrong 25 years ago - but at least I have caught up with you now...

  8. Anonymous11:04 PM

    They were all shit. I could never understand why people raved about ABC. It was like I'd woken up in a bizarre parallel universe.

  9. This is very cheering news, as I thought he was dead. You disappoint me, however, by not telling whether Lenny the Lion was on with him.

  10. Mutley - I bought the 12 inch of Chant No 1. But it doesn't really stand the test of time.

    Bob - I bought the 12 inch of Poison Arrow. But it doesn't really stand the test of time.

    Vicus - Maybe he was so miserable because Lenny wasn't with him.

  11. Sooner or later they hit the deck they be found out but all the ska bands will reunite until they all come to a ranking full stop.

    The music biz demands that everything must be recycled every generation.

  12. I find myself agreeing with your second paragraph, Geoff.
    I'll be one of those fat-fucked middle-aged gits in the audience when they play Brixton next month.

    I was too young to see them first time round so I thought I'd better pay 'em a visit this time.

    Jerry should be part of this. He's not because Simon Jordan played a large part in organizing this tour and Jerry wanted to do a one-off at Coventry's JJB stadium.
    Why does that not surprise us?

  13. Why do I find it so hard to write the next line?

  14. Istvanski - Knock Phill over on the dance floor for me. Did Terry want to do Old Trafford?

    Rog - Take your seaside arms and write the next line.

  15. Sorry. I meant Coventry's Ricoh Rodriguez stadium. The excitement of this is doing me in. Perhaps Terry did want to do a one-off in Bolton. Or would that be Wigan..?

  16. Maybe Jools and Rico will make an appearance at Brixton. Jools doesn't let Rico out of his sight.

  17. I agree with the chicken in a basket analogy - spot on. I am disappointed Jerry Dammers not performing - he was an integral part of The Specials sound and ethos. Rico is a god and an absolute trooper - I hate the way Jools has commandeered him.

  18. Jools locks Rico in a cupboard between performances.

    Free the Rico one!