Friday, April 17, 2009

All Our Yesterdays

When I was at school it was all the fashion to paint our haversacks with pictures of our favourite pop star, album cover, etc.

A small gang of us were big Tomorrow's World fans. And we were in love with the gorgeous Judith Hann. My friend Stuart was a talented artist and he painted beautiful portraits of Judith on all our bags. How proud we were to display our sexy bags to the other boys, dull in comparison with their botched Yes logos and rudimentary Ozzy Osbournes.

After a year, however, the paintings began to fade, through wear and tear. Stuart volunteered one weekend to repaint our bags with our favourite Tomorrow's World presenter.

He turned up at school on the Monday with a batch of the most beautiful Judiths we had ever seen. Mine even looked like she was winking at me and Graham's was most lascivious!

But when Stuart tentatively revealed to us the picture on his own bag, we had the biggest surprise of our young lives. Because this was the day our friend Stuart came out to the whole school. His favourite Tomorrow's World presenter was not Judith Hann. Oh, no.

That was the day our friend made a Rodd for his own back!


  1. Very good Geoff. I feel partly responsible for this post though....

  2. I am shocked to read that you've been displaying your sexy bag to the other boys.

    Proudly, yet!

  3. Stuart sounds a bit of a Burke.

  4. Judith Hann eh?
    An unlikely sex object.
    Good for Stuart.
    And was that a pun at the end there by any chance?
    Don't start that - it's addictive.

  5. Rog - You're totally responsible. Your post made the memories (and Judith's mammaries) come flooding back!

    MJ - It was the cult of Judith Hann.

    Vicus - Once I get an awful punchline I feel the need to work up to it.

    Tim - Screen Test was awful wasn't it?

    Kaz - I actually did quite like Judith. But I can't see Michael Rodd being a sex symbol somehow.

  6. Anonymous1:00 PM

    raymond baxter, all the way (quite liderally)

  7. Ah well, one less to compete for the affections of Judith Hann.

    You should send her a link to this post - I'm sure she'd be flattered (she now runs herb cookery courses in deepest Oxfordshire)

  8. She'd think I was a mad fantasist. And she'd be right!