Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sky News Live Today

Bad spelling is a must for the common man or woman's funeral. And Jade Goody's was no different. From the "Gran Daughter" flowers to the "Your Special" written on a girl's balloon, this was a funeral for the uneducated. Which makes it all the more special that so much of Jade's money is going towards private education for her sons.

Then there was the "Marmite" flower arrangement. People either love or hate Marmite, say the adverts. People either love or hate me, like they love or hate Marmite, said Jade.

Yes, Jade was like Marmite. You either loved or hated her like you loved or hated Marmite. Or maybe, like me, you are totally indifferent to Marmite and were totally indifferent about Jade.

Am I allowed to take this position? Is it allowed to not really be bothered about Marmite or Jade Goody? Do I have to feel strongly one way or the other? Marmite's a very ordinary foodstuff. Jade was a very ordinary young woman. Ordinary doesn't really move me.


  1. At school we had pretend elections. We had a Conservative Party, a Labour Party, a Liberal Party and then one kid set up an Apathy Party.

    It means nothing to me, oh Vienna!

  2. I hate, loathe and detest Marmite.
    I won't have it in the kitchen - I won't have it in the house!
    I wouldn't eat Marmite for a thousand pounds.
    I would rather eat pickled cockroaches than Marmite.
    Now - What were you saying about Ms Goody?

  3. You don't feel left out by the advertising.

    But as the Christian said, "Atheists keep the discussion about God alive. It's apathy that is more worrying for the future of religion."

    Marmite and Jade Goody. Who?

  4. I quite like marmite. I don't LOVE it though. If it disappeared off the face of the planet I could get on with the rest of my life perfectly happily.

    "It's a marmite thing" - load of old bollocks.

  5. I solved this dilemma by not watching the news Geoff. My favourite Goody was Graeme Garden.

  6. Wastrel - There is nothing to it. It's savoury but it's not filling. It doesn't go with anything other than toast and even then it's bland. There's just no point to it. It probably gives you thrush, too.

    Rog - I watched it to see if I could spot any famnous people. I'm sure I saw Phil Collins and Paul Morley. Weren't The Goodies Python for children?

  7. I don't like marmite, but I love twiglets... so from this calculation I am also indifferent. Sometimes.

  8. If it is anything like vegemite I would market it in the Eastern Bloc as a cure for restless leg syndrome, ladies moustache wax, and erectile dysfunction linament.

    In our modern cult of celebrity Jade made the shrewdest of career moves by moving on. Doesn't anyone remember that Warhol said that we'd only get 15 minutes of fame?
    She went over her time limit.

  9. Scarlet - Twiglets burn your tongue and are not addictive or good for you. Unlike Ritz crackers or Tucs which are addictive and not good for you. I'm getting a bit off-track, aren't I?

    Donn - Vegemite is not a patch on Marmite. Jade The Movie will be out next year, mark my words. That's if they can find an actor able to play a character as stupid as Jack Tweed. Then there will be the nude stage musical, Oh Goody!

    wv - mingig. It's like Jade is speaking to us.